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How to eat well for your health | If you’ve ever struggled with figuring out how to eat healthy, this post is for you! I’m sharing my best clean eating tips for better health and more energy, plus there’s a free printable food tracker to help you monitor your eating and stay on track. Click to get the tracker and start eating healthier today! | The Dimple Life #thedimplelife #healthyeating #healthtips #cleaneating #printable #foodtracker

I know that nutrition can be a struggle for many people and it has been for me, as well, to be totally honest. However, I now look at food not in the lens of what’s “good” or “bad” but I pay attention to how food makes me feel. If I eat a particular meal and notice my body or mood are not quite as great as I’d like, I look back to see what food I ate that maybe might have contributed to it. What we eat has a direct correlation to how our bodies feel!

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