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Top 5 Summer Hikes (With Waterfalls) in Los Angeles

With so many hikes to choose from in the city, here are the top hikes with waterfalls in Los Angeles #thedimplelife #hiking #waterfallhike

Contrary to TLC’s advice, there are times when chasing waterfalls is well worth your time!

Los Angeles offers some spectacular hikes that make breaking a sweat a truly rewarding experience. At times, hiking in the summer heat can be a daunting task but with a beautiful waterfall at the end it’s much easier to get motivated. Plus, hiking is an easy way to incorporate exercise into your day and to break up the monotony of indoor workouts.

These five hikes have waterfalls that are worth the effort to reach!

PRO TIP – Check the Instagram location tag of the falls before you decide which …

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How to build body confidence | Tips on how to get body confidence and loving your body for all the amazing things it does for you. | The Dimple Life #TheDimpleLife #bodyconfidence #bodyconfidencetips #selflove #bodypositivity

How To Build Body Confidence

Being confident in your own skin should be inherent, simple, and effortless. Unfortunately because we live in such…

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