Class Review: Club Pilates Level 1.5

I am rather new to Pilates and thankfully, ClassPass has a wide variety of classes and studios available. I am fortunate enough to live in LA which is probably one of the larger hubs for Pilates studios. At first, I didn’t get the Pilates concept. It’s just stretching after all. I was wrong. 🙂

Class: The first class I took was the Level 1 but found that perhaps since I’m already active, I did not feel much of a burn afterward, so opted to take the 1.5 level the second time around. The tempo of the movements was a little bit quicker which made it a bit more challenging. To be honest, I think I’d probably take the Level 2 next time to feel that I am getting an effective stretch and strengthen workout. 

No pain, no gain: I felt a little soreness the day after in my arms mostly


  • Towel service
  • The facility itself is so new and clean it feels really good being in there


  • There is a parking structure attached to the building. Make sure to get your ticket validated!


  • Pilates socks are not necessary but recommended


1119 S. Hope Street
Los Angeles, CA 90015

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