Class Review: Speedplay 60 DTLA

Don’t be a slave to the machine. Be the machine.

That seems to be a fitting motto at Speedplay LA where all the machines used are powered by your own strength. That motto can really be taken as a way of life too. Be the machine of your own life. Don’t let others dictate how you should live your life or let them determine what should or should not make you happy.

The only Los Angeles based boutique gym I know of that uses rowers and top of the line Woodway Curve treadmills (so eco-friendly, no electricity required!). I hear that the class I participated in was a bit different than the standard class, I’ll have to go back again and see what the other format is like. When I went, we did a few minutes of a warm-up (the standards: jumping jacks, squats, butt kickers, high knees), then got right into the real deal.

Class: Each class is a full body workout and experience so be prepared to work your arms, back, and legs mostly. In the class I attended these were the stations:

First station: Rowing machine

Rather than rowing as quickly as possible with as much power as possible for the full round, we rowed until 500 meters at specific row speeds. I’ll call them fast, medium, slow. This truly made it high intensity interval training to make for a maximum calorie burn. After finishing one round (7 minutes) we did a bit of mat work and completed a series of push-ups and mountain climbers. Then back up on the row machine! Repeated twice. Wanted to pass out but realized I was only a third of the way through class.

Second station: Free weights

This is where I have learned to love pushing myself. I can’t lift too heavy yet but I love being able to know that I don’t need to reach for the 5 pounders anymore for arm work 🙂

We did a series of weighted sumo squats, toe touchers (legs stationed at a 45 degree angle and reaching for your toes with a weight in hand), Russian twists, one armed shoulder presses.

Third station: Tread

I absolutely hate the treadmill. I can’t run, can barely jog, but I must say I am an excellent walker. The Woodway Curve is a bit tricky at first. You really need to learn how to balance and if you stop moving, well, so does your treadmill, so it really forces you to keep going! Though I am not the hugest fan of the treadmill, if I have to do it, I might as well get the most out of it and I really felt I did using this machine. As I was jogging or sprinting on it, it felt like I was using muscles I normally would if I were jogging on the pavement. My hamstrings, glutes and quads were burning in the same way. Much different burn than working on a regular treadmill.

If I didn’t think I was going to pass out after the row machine and weights, I definitely wanted to after this last station! Next time I might do the tread station first so I can get that beast out of the way 🙂

No pain, no gain: As mentioned, I definitely felt a soreness in my legs – hamstrings, glutes, and quads specifically. I didn’t feel as much in my lats from the rowing but maybe I just need to push myself more next time 🙂


  • Bring a bottle and you can fill up at the water station


  • There is a structure attached where you can get validation. There is also metered street parking available


  • Talk to your instructor! Blake was my instructor and he was awesome! He made sure that you were pushing yourself on the weights and that you had the correct form on the row machine. He’s also super friendly and gave great instruction to the first timers, like me.

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