Class Review: Find Your Strong Strength at Uplift Studios

Any time there is a class that promotes female empowerment while working up a good sweat, I am all for it. I recently checked out an all female gym at Foxy and Fierce, and felt a bit of mixed feelings on it since I didn’t feel the class taught proper technique and form. With some buzz around this new studio, however, (which has been a huge success in New York), I definitely felt like I had to check Uplift Studios out.

Class: I took the Find Your Strong Strength class where the 55 minute class focused on incorporating dumbbells, resistance bands, and plyo movements. I will tell you – this class got me nice and sweaty! It was such a full body workout with basic movements like jumping jacks, high knees, burpees, mixed in with weighted lunges/kick backs/squats, and so much more. The class size could fit about 10-15 students comfortably, so if you like smaller classes, this is definitely for you. 


No pain, no gain: I’m used to HIIT cardio work but am still trying to incorporate weights into my regular workout routine. I think with the weights we used, this definitely helped me get a bit sore in my legs and glutes.


Amenities: Filtered water is available

Parking: Metered street parking is available and can be a bit difficult

Tips: Taking an early morning class really helps with the parking situation! Also, if you are feeling up for it Y7 hot-vinyasa yoga studio is right down the street, so you can double down on the amount of sweat you drop 🙂 


8254 Melrose Ave.
Los Angeles, CA

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