The Latest Activewear For The Fitness Elements You Love

Hi everyone! I’m super excited (and nervous!) to announce my new website, Shop Your Element.

When I first started my fitness journey, I became obsessed with so many different types of movement. At first it was cycling, then it was boxing, and then yoga, and running, and literally everything else! I started to notice a couple things really quickly: first of all, it was nice having cute workout clothes 🙂 and second of all, not all activewear is equal. I don’t mean the price point. I mean how the activewear felt for each form of movement. Certain leggings had no compression and were a little thicker, making it maybe good for a yoga session but not so ideal for a run outdoors. Other times, I felt like I had the wrong sports bra on – when I was doing something high impact, I needed to make sure I had on a full support bra; otherwise, the workout felt super uncomfy!

I needed to know what piece of activewear would be good for each type of workout I chose for that day.

This is when I had the idea to create Shop Your Element.

So what is an element, you ask? An element in the traditional sense are different energies – wind, fire, earth, sea, and sky. I know that as a fitness girl though, our energies are our movements. For us legging lovers, our elements are boxing, cycling, running, yoga, and so many others.

This website is a shopping guide just for you to select the latest in activewear and wellness, to keep you stylish and healthy.

Shop Your Element is a curated marketplace, that breaks down each item into which specific forms of movement the activewear pieces are ideal for!

No more worrying if your leggings will slip during your next workout involving squats 🙂 You ladies know what I’m talking about! Take a look around and let me know what you think!

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