Weekend Wind Down 9.22.19

Weekly collection of interesting articles and blog posts on wellness and lifestyle, collected all throughout the web

Welcome to the first of a new series I’m trying out on the blog. There’s so much information out there online so I thought I would go ahead and round up some interesting articles that you may have missed. My teammate, Kaitlin, and I are going to be bringing you a handful of interesting links pertaining to current events, favorite products, wellness topics, and everything in between. Let me know what you think!

-Rachel & Kaitlin

Have you been following the Canadian election? See the new scandal surrounding Justin Trudeau (K)

Just in case you didn’t believe in UFOs before… (K)

This actor turned down the role of James Bond. (K)

The fast and the curious: Fitter adults have fitter brains (K)

This spicy vegetarian recipe is perfect for beating flu season. (K)

The cutest colors to upgrade your AirPod case. (R)

I’m huge fan of the plant based diet. Here’s just another reason you should be too. (K)

I love thinking about how healthcare will change in the future. (K)

My favorite time management tool to keep me on track. (R)

3 out of 4 young adults have taken risky behavior to save on medical costs. (R)

Campus safety and emotional and mental wellness should be factors to consider when you choose a university. (R)

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