How To Start Telling Yourself You Are Awesome

I am beautiful. I am strong. I am worthy of love.

These affirmations are so powerful. When you mean them and believe them. It’s not so easy to always feel this way though – and I struggle with it from time to time myself. We all need reminders to remember what our value truly is – but how? Telling ourselves positive affirmations can help us (re)discover who we are. Below are some tips on how you can start to un-do the negative beliefs and feelings today. Let’s start believing in our strength by letting go of what holds us back from reaching our ultimate potential.

Write down your negative qualities

Yes, you read that right. In order to get to the qualities you want to start working on believing in yourself, you need to confront the negative. Do you sometimes believe you are ____? Though it can be terrifying, there is strength and healing that can come when writing down the icky thoughts you have about yourself. Perhaps some of these thoughts have been perpetuated by others around you? Has a friend, significant other, or family member, said something to you repeatedly that you now believe to be true about yourself? Write it all out.

Now, write positive affirmations 

Write, in its simplistic form, the opposite of that negative quality. For example, if you wrote down “I am not smart enough to find a job I love” then, an example of a positive affirmation would be “I am capable, fully qualified, intelligent and can find a job that I love”. Take your time with this and be thoughtful in how you choose to write your affirmations. What you write now, will be what you use in future days to remind yourself of these beliefs.

Set out reminders

Once you’ve written your positive affirmations down, you need to remind yourself of these. You can do this by writing it out, multiple times, so it really sticks, ya know? Or you can write it down on a post-it note and stick it somewhere you see daily. On a bathroom mirror is a great place! Now every time you see the affirmation, say it out loud. It might seem silly to do this but there is so much power in verbalizing your beliefs. I am smart. I am enough. Whatever your affirmation is, say it to yourself as your reminders to how much love you have for yourself.

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