How to Build Body Confidence

You define beauty. Society doesn't define your beauty.

- Lady Gaga

Unfollow accounts

The more content you consume with the "perfect" or "ideal" body type you are looking for can have a likelihood of not honoring your body type and where you are in your journey. Unfollow what doesn't serve you.

Positive self talk

When you look in the mirror begin saying positive affirmations toward yourself to build up self compassion and grace.

Move your body with intention

Not to achieve an aesthetic but intentionally move your body because it’s good for your health and it creates feel good hormones for you to uplift your mood and energy.

Create a positive list

Create a positive list filled with any compliments or something nice you thought about yourself. When you feel down, you now have a list to refer back to to remind yourself of all the good that you are.

Share your feelings

Reach out to a friend or loved one and share how you're feeling. Chances are you are not alone and when you realize you're not in isolation you can connect and work through your thoughts together.

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