Hello! Hi! Rachel, here 🙂 I am a health and wellness blogger, spin teacher, certified health coach, and marketing consultant. Above all else though, I am just a girl trying my best each day to live my healthiest, happiest self.

If I said I’ve always been interested in health, that wouldn’t be completely true. It wasn’t until three years ago, when I felt overwhelmed with life, is when I began to consciously think about what it means to be healthy and happy. Healthy and happy, for me, is when I know I’m improving myself in some way; whether that is through movement of body, nourishment with food, or talking to myself with positive and loving affirmations.

The more I started telling others around me about how much happier I felt through leading a healthy lifestyle, the more I realized that other young women were craving this change in their lives, as well. That’s why my mission is to now help others feel empowered through making their own healthy choices and living in a way that cultivates love for themselves.

Have questions? Contact me at rachel@thedimplelife.com to learn more, let’s be friends 🙂

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