A Little About Me

Hi there! Rachel here. I am a wellness coach helping high performing, working professionals overcome burnout through mindfulness and self-compassion so they can thrive and live life with more harmony and ease. I am the creator of this site, The Dimple Life, an online resource covering a variety of topics around wellness, personal growth, fitness, food, and beauty. The Dimple Life is a guide to healthier living combined with elements from my own personal journey.

I am also the founder of You Are Here, a space to meet you where you are in your well-being journey. It is a membership community that provides you connection with like-minded individuals, mindfulness, and a library of digital wellness content to support you when you need it most.

As a cancer survivor, my mission is to help educate and support you on the importance of living well – mind, body, and soul.

I am a former management consultant where I was living a high-stress corporate lifestyle and now lead a life with more purpose and passion.

Here is a little IGTV with an intro and some background on me.

My Commitment

When it comes to the content on this site, the brands I partner with, the experts I seek out at You Are Here, and the individuals that are welcome into this community, I want to ensure that my actions line up with my values. Below is my commitment statement to how I will show up for myself and for you:

I commit to inviting new perspectives in by seeking insight through a diversity of voices.

I commit to courageous action and to ensuring all of my professional collaborations and partners also uphold my values around inclusivity of race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, physical abilities, religious beliefs.

I commit to making room for healthy conflict and differing opinions, with the intent to use these moments for collective transformation, understanding, and growth.

I commit to the continuous pursuit of creating a space that is equitable so that personal and collective well-being is truly accessible for all.

I commit to taking steps forward to ensure my compassion is met with action to benefit those in vulnerable communities.

Have questions? Feel free to use the contact form to reach out.