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The creator of this positive lifestyle guide,
The Dimple Life.

I created this space for you so you can take care of your whole self. We are focused on strengthening the relationship you have with yourself by covering areas such as self growth, career, finances, relationships, and your general health and wellbeing. This website is written by a collective of  contributors as we all have a unique perspective to share with the world. Every so often, I also share personal stories in my own life to support you in your journey.

My mission is to support you in living well; mind, body and soul.

A community that empowers you to cultivate holistic wellness and connect with people you can grow with. Through in person events, discussions with experts in their respective fields, and (soon to be) digital products that support your personal journey toward intentional living.

I have led sessions for Meta, Impossible Foods, and other leading companies to support employees in their overall wellbeing. As a former management consultant, I understand the high pressure that comes with a demanding job. I now support corporations so they can honor their inner voice and align themselves with their values and their personal needs. I have also been a featured panelist at SXSW speaking about tech and new innovations. 

I am also the creator of You Are Here

Lastly, As a workshop facilitator and speaker

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My role as a workshop facilitator is to listen to your needs and support your team in achieving more harmony and alignment in their lives. I specialize in supporting driven corporate professionals overcome burnout, stress, and overwhelm.

As a former management consultant, I understand the unique challenges we face when working in a demanding corporate environment. It can often times feel like everyone else’s needs come first. What happens to our own voice and what we truly want in life? Know that it is possible to live a life with intention, alignment, and fulfillment. See more on my approach below.

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As a certified life coach, I approach my workshops first by exploring what it means to be human. I will support you in discovering how you’d like to contribute to yourself and those around you. You have an internal voice of wisdom that we will uncover together. We will walk down the PATH together and:

Pause before reacting and observe the present moment.

Acknowledge who you are, your intentions, and your values.

Think through what is internal mind chatter and what is your actual voice of wisdom.

Honor where you are and identify small, sweet action steps that align with your life intentions.

my approach:


What Past Clients are Saying:

I have been working toward living my life for me. While I have advocated to others and myself to love on me first so I can better love others was not something I was practicing holistically or wholeheartedly. For the first time in a long time, I don't feel guilty for pursuing [me].

Through your coaching, I’ve developed the gift of letting go of external validation and feeling the need to have it to pursue [my own] dreams.

- S.P.

I am so grateful for your excellent acknowledgement and spaciousness to support me to observe and see that telling the truth is new for me. Thank you for your sweet attention and care.

- E.S.

Rachel is beyond amazing and honestly helped change my life! I’m actually able to go with the flow better because I’ve integrated her tools into my everyday life and mentality.

I struggled with trying to OVER structure my life. Each week the constructive and guided conversations and tools helped me to be able to actually listen to myself and honor my feelings as they come....The tools helped to enrich myself in a holistic way and really evaluate what is most important and keep checking into recenter. It’s no longer about reaching a specific target for me now it’s about the journey and stopping to appreciate the small accomplishments that come along the way!

- K.C.

You've truly helped me be more aware of myself and know that I am not the only one who may be feeling certain things that previously would have dampen[ed] my spirit or brought me down.

Having you as a coach was very beneficial to navigate the different areas of 'wellness'. I was overwhelmed in trying to begin the journey towards balance and honestly didn't know where to start and felt I had to tackle it all at once. With our weekly discussions, you have helped me focus on a tangible action with a plan to proceed.

- J.Y.

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