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2019 Safe, Non-Toxic Sunscreen Guide

Clean + Non-Toxic Sunscreen Options for Summer | In this post, I’m sharing the best natural and safe mineral sunscreens for face and body. Learn the benefits of using these toxin-free sunscreens in place of a traditional chemical sunscreen, plus get my best picks! | The Dimple Life #thedimplelife #sunscreen #bestsunscreen #mineralsunscreen #safesunscreen

Ever since making the conscious effort to transition to cleaner products, it’s truly been eye-opening on what chemicals I have been putting on my skin. ‘What we put on our skin absorbs into our body.’ I have often heard this but it never quite resonated with me; until now. The FDA has even proven this recently when it comes to oxybenzone which is a popular chemical ingredient that is used in over 2/3 of the sunscreen that is available for purchase in retail stores. The study shows that oxybenzone, which is a chemical compound also found in plastics and toys, works as a sunscreen …

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