Testing Your Gut Health with SmartGut

Does it feel like everywhere you look, you’re hearing more and more about the importance of gut health, or is it just me? As someone who has an autoimmune disease affecting the gut, I’m a huge advocate for understanding what’s going on in your gut at a cellular level.

You’ve probably heard about gut-health specific diets or foods to eat or avoid when experiencing gut symptoms, but to really get an accurate assessment of what’s going on in your belly, you need to get a closer look.

I’m super pumped to find out more about my gut by using @uBiome’s #SmartGut test. SmartGut, which must be prescribed by a healthcare provider, provides information on the microorganisms in your gut that are associated with lifestyle choices, specific infections, and gut conditions. Using precision sequencing™ technology, the results will show you what infections you may have in your gut, if you have any metabolic disorders, how you rate against healthy participants, and more.

SmartGut gives you step-by-step instructions to sample at home and send off to the lab. I’m about to send mine off and can’t wait for the detailed report to come back! My doctor will also receive my results, so if there’s anything that lies out of normal range, we can come up with the best course of treatment for me together. I do want to note that what this kit is not intended to diagnose symptoms and should not replace visits with your doctor. This kit will help you find solutions to improve your gut health. Once I get my results back, I’ll be sure to share them in my IG stories what the exact report looks like.

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