My 2015 Top Favorite Gyms in LA

It’s definitely not a full list and I have so many more gyms to try out in the new year but these are the gyms that have made the most impact on my body, mind and spirit:

  1. Bespoke Cycling Studio: This should come as no surprise since I just auditioned to become a spin instructor there. I love the facilities, convenience to my home, and the instructors who make the rides so fun! There have been many times where I was feeling ‘blah’ but forced myself to get to a spin class and felt 10000% times better.
  2. Carrie’s Pilate’s Plus: I have only taken one class and just recently discovered this gym but can’t wait to sign up and try it out again! What an awesome calorie burn and stretch/lengthen sequence that will leave you feeling like you truly worked every single muscle in your body (even those hidden an muscles!)
  3. The Springs: This health and wellness shop has a juice and smoothie bar and an open environment work space so you can easily spend all day here after taking a Flow yoga class in their studio.
  4. Rise Nation: I am so eager to go back here and do another workout with Katie. Fast paced, full body, efficient – I’m ready to beat my first climb!


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