Class Review: BoxUnion Santa Monica

There’s something about hitting a bag that makes me really happy 😀 If there’s ever a boxing studio to try out, I’m there! BoxUnion has been open for a couple of years now and I’ve been a few times by this point. Even though I am a regular at boxing, it is still always a workout that really gets me sweating!

Class: The class set up at BoxUnion is perfect for someone who is newer to boxing. Within the 45 minute class, you will learn the basics of boxing – you’ll see how to throw a proper jab, cross, hook, and upper cut – all while listening to electronic or hip-hop music in a dimly lit room. Each person in the class will receive their own bag, which is so awesome because not every gym has the space for that. What’s interesting about this gym (that I have since started to notice at other boxing gyms as well), is that when you throw your punches, you actually box to the beat of the music that you are listening to. It’s a great way to rhythmically learn different boxing combinations.

Since combinations can be difficult to remember, having the music does help with the learning process. Other than the boxing combinations, you still get quite a bit of core work as well as a warmup that consists of jumping jacks, burpees, squats, and an assortment of sweat-inducing full body moves.

No pain, no gain: If you are newer to boxing or fitness, I do recommend coming here. You will always leave sore and it’s a really effective workout. I’m usually sore in my obliques because you do end up twisting your upper body a bit when you throw punches. I’m also usually sore in my upper back as well.


Shower available with amenities
Water filter
Parking: There is a parking lot just down the street from the studio. The studio does validate (which is SO helpful).


The studio does provide gloves and wraps to you but if you have your own, I highly recommend bringing (especially your wraps). The wraps that they have at the studio are the slip on like a glove kind, and not the traditional wraps you normally see.


1755 Ocean Ave Suite 104
Santa Monica, CA 90401
(310) 882-5508

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