Class Review: CelluliteFit at PlateFit West Hollywood

As I’ve reviewed some other gyms that offer 30 minute workouts, I am all about any workout that is time efficient. PlateFit always seemed a bit interesting considering you are vibrating on a plate and it’s not really burpee, HIIT oriented. Don’t let that fool you though, the class ahead of the CelluliteFit I took had some ladies a little bit sweaty 🙂

Class: The CelluliteFit class is a bit different. It’s not a workout, but it’s more rejuvenation and massaging of your body, than anything else. The class is designed to knead away certain trouble spots, so you are left in these not flattering positions on the plate 😀 Lots of positioning laying on your thighs, hamstrings, inner thighs especially. Again, don’t come to this class if you are expecting a calorie burn. Consider this an active rest day. The vibrations on the plate definitely made my teeth rattle and it does take some getting used to. After a while you can “tune out” the vibrations and start focusing a bit more on the instructor. 🙂


No pain, no gain: No sweat, no soreness. Just left feeling a bit rejuvenated because I finally got to stretch out areas that I don’t necessarily work (such as the inner thighs).


  • Towel service provided
  • Water station

Parking: There are a couple of spots attached to the gym; however, you should rely on metered street parking.


  • If you want the full experience of PlateFit, I would suggest taking a signature PlateFit class along with the CelluliteFit. The vibrations on the plate does take some getting used to but once you are past that you can focus on your workout


309 N Kings Rd
Los Angeles, CA 90048
(323) 782-1770

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