Class Review: Cycle House West Hollywood

I love a great spin studio – riding to the rhythm and sweat dripping down your face is the combo for success. If you ride at Cycle House it is guaranteed that both of these will happen – especially the sweat dripping part!

Class: For anyone familiar with spin classes at boutique gyms, it is fairly standard – with its 45 minute ride, complete with seated flats, sprints, intervals, climbing up massive hills, and one song dedicated to using arm weights. What I have come to love about Cycle House is that each class is very intense with a good mix of Top 40 and my favorite hip hop beats. In all honesty, the first couple of classes I took at Cycle House were too intense for me so it was a bit discouraging, especially given that I go spinning all of the time. However, I kept going and now it is one of my favorite studios to go to! Like with everything else, keep at it and you’ll get better and reap the rewards of all of your hard work. 🙂

No pain, no gain: If you go spinning on a regular basis, I do think that it’s a little hard to get super sore from a spin class. Your muscles just adapt a bit to this type of workout. At one point I was going spinning two times a day every day. Now that I don’t go as often (2-3x a week) I find that I definitely get sore in my quads and glutes the most. I am also sore in my upper back due to some of the arm sequences.


  • Two showers available with amenities
  • Towel service
  • Eucalyptus towels after class
  • Free fruit (usually bananas, apples)
  • Water filter

Parking: There is a parking lot across the street where they do validate; however, I find that I can actually get some street parking that is on the same block and just put in $1.50/hour for the meter.


  • Right next to Rise Nation, so if you’re feeling extra ambitious – you can feel free to double up 🙂
  • Also next to Beaming which is a great juice and smoothie shop with organic ingredients
  • Once you’ve gotten your sweat on, you are across the way from Beverly Center to get your shopping in!


8511 Melrose Ave
West Hollywood, CA 90069
(310) 358-0888

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