Class Review: Lock Box LA Tabata Bodyweight HIIT

After feeling the burn in a 30 minute work out at Rise Nation recently, I am convinced that you can get an efficient full body workout in, in that amount of time. You don’t necessarily need to set foot for hours in a gym. So I opted to try out Lock Box Los Angeles’ Tabata Bodyweight HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) class.

Class: The class is only 30 minutes long but it is structured under the Tabata method.  Tabata is a HIIT workout that I felt was sort of a mix of CrossFit (everything was timed) and circuit training. Essentially, for about 4 minutes of the 30 minute class, you will repeat sessions about eight times. 20 seconds of all out intensity of one specific exercise, and 10 seconds of rest time. Why does the rest time seem SO much shorter? 😀

The essential objective of Tabata training is to raise your metabolism and heart rate up ASAP. You go through a series of warmups and stretches before the four minutes, so that once you start the Tabata exercises you are all ready to go at your maximum intensity. Because you are truly utilizing your maximum effort, the intent is that you will continue to burn calories/fat even after the workout (much like you would if you lift weights).

Today’s Tabata workout consisted of 180 degree sumo squats, walking planks, jump squats, high knees, you get the gist 😛 After the Tabata, the instructor will walk you through a core workout and cool down.

All in all, would I take this class again? YES. Especially if I am crunched for time. It’s incredibly efficient and I was dripping sweat during the third circuit of the Tabata portion of class 🙂

No pain, no gain: Only a couple of hours later, my glutes were killing me. Squats just never get any easier!


  • The facility is HUGE. About 7,500 square feet so there is plenty of room
  • They provide towels
  • Shower is available
  • Water fountains also available

Parking: They have their own parking lot which makes it SUPER convenient. You know LA and parking…

Tips: Arrive a few minutes early to get a run through of the class set up. It can be a bit intimidating at first, especially if you read up on Tabata prior. The instructor really calmed my nerves though after telling me that anyone of any fitness level can complete the session.


5925 West Pico Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90035

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