Class Review: Low Impact Training at Lit Method Los Angeles

I have been hearing so much about the LIT Method via Instagram so decided to give this new gym a try, especially since they are offered on ClassPass. The whole premise for LIT is that it is a Low Impact Training studio. Low impact might sound not as strenuous to some but low impact does not mean it is not high intensity. In the approximately 55 minute class I burned 450 calories so it is definitely a good cardio burn while also toning various areas of your body. It’s great that the main machine that they use is a water rower. There isn’t a lot of high impact from the treadmill, which can be so bad for your joints.

Class: The class started off with a lot of HIIT drills. We would go all out on the water rower for 20 seconds, then rest. All out for 20/30 seconds, then rest again. After a series of rowing circuits, you will be directed to the TRX bands that are hanging from the wall. Using the TRX bands we did a lot of chest presses and movements that focused on bicep and tricep muscles. 

There wasn’t too much of an ab workout. We did do some planks and ab bikes but not enough to feel a burn.

Lit Method TRX bands

After class, there is a large outdoor patio where you can relax.

Lit Method studio

No pain, no gain: I felt really sore in my upper back/shoulders, most likely due to the TRX bands and the HIIT drills on the rower


  • Face towels are provided


  • Absolutely loved that there is a lot connected to the studio. Makes getting here so convenient!


  • Personally, I’d recommend trying to snag a rower that is facing the mirror. It’s great for personal motivation


8474 W 3rd St. Suite #214
Los Angeles, CA 90048

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