Class Review: Mighty Mate at Training Mate Los Angeles

I have been wanting to check out Training Mate for so long and I was finally able to go on a Sunday morning. For those that haven’t heard, Training Mate is founded by Aussies, so many of the trainers come from the land Down Unda. The humor that each of these trainers brings is on point. Expect to be entertained with their cheeky personalities, while getting a sweat-dripping workout in.

Class: There are several classes that the studio offers, focusing on specific body parts – lower body, upper body, back, etc. I chose to go to a full body workout because why not just be sore all over 😛 Mighty Mate is a 45-minute burn that consists of traditional circuit training, with 10 exercises and finishing up the class with an ab circuit out on their patio. Exercises will vary in each class of course but ours featured the row machine, squat presses, tricep dips, cycling, bicep curls (with TRX bands), jump squats (my love/hate for these is deep).

No pain, no gain: Since I took the Mighty Mate class, the calorie burn was real and I had to take an afternoon nap because I wore my body out! When I woke up, I definitely felt soreness all over – which I love



  • Sweat towels are provided
  • Shower (note: Only one shower is available, with no body towels so please plan accordingly!)
  • Water


  • There is metered street parking but during the week I imagine this can get tricky. There is a paid lot in the back with ample parking available.


  • The gym is right next door to Brick Los Angeles, a predominantly CrossFit studio but also features cardio kickboxing
  • I don’t live too close to a Trader Joe’s, so it’s always nice to come to this part of West Hollywood, where there is a TJ’s about a mile away


7825 Santa Monica Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90046
(323) 380-5492

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