Class Review: Platform at Pure Barre

I must admit, I am not the hugest fan of barre classes. I KNOW they are a good workout, I’m always sore, I always sweat, but for some reason it never feels “high intensity” enough for me. What can I say, I’m a boxing, spinning, bootcamp type of gal. However, I will say that the Platform class is different from the typical barre format.

Class: Yes, you do the traditional barre movements in the Platform class but Platform is so much more than that. Your heart rate is constantly up. There is no down time for you to catch a breath because the moves are continuous. Expect lots of continuous leg extensions and squats, while your arms are merely holding onto the barre for balance. Try doing that for a few minutes and see if you break a sweat! On top of that, you do a lot of ab crunches both standing as well as on the mat. 

No pain, no gain: The next day, I felt sore in my glutes legs and really my upper back as well. Since you are stretching out your arms 


  • Water station is available

Parking: Parking is tricky here. Downtown parking is always a problem but good thing is that there is now a Whole Foods across from Pure Barre where they have free parking for the first 60 minutes. You will have to purchase something within Whole Foods to get the validation but luckily it’s Whole Foods so you can find something! 


  • As stated above, there is a Whole Foods so you can easily get some shopping done. What you should avoid is if you make a left outside of the studio, you will run into a Dunkin Donuts…STAY AWAY! 😀


740 S Olive St #106
Los Angeles, CA 90014
(323) 305-7025

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