Class Review: Prevail Boxing Los Angeles

Prevail Los Angeles is a boxing gym in Mid-City Los Angeles, fairly close to The Grove.

The day I checked out this gym (Thank you, ClassPass!), I had a particularly stressful day at work where everything was just piling up one on top of the other. What better way to relieve stress than by punching a bag.

I have been an on-again, off-again student of Muay Thai kickboxing over the past three years. I never thought I would be the type to really have aggression enough to want to go kick and punch things…but I’ve surprised myself with how intense I can be!

Class: At Prevail, there were students of all levels in the class I was in. I’d consider myself an intermediate boxer but saw some who were much quicker and more precise than myself and other students who were new to the sport.

The instructor led us through a basic warm-up, then the class was split up into separate groups, as there are 5 different circuits. My class in particularly consisted of the following but I’m sure it changes every class:

  1. Push-ups: Not just your standard push-ups but starting on your hands in a high plank, we were to go down the top half of a push-up then come back. Then, starting in a high plank, we pushed ourselves down and did a bottom half, low push-up. Finally we did full push-ups. Repeat 10x each, until the round ends. For me, I have minimal tricep and chest muscles, so it was a struggle 🙂
  2. Boxing combo: The coach teaches us a specific combination (jab, cross, hook, cross is a basic one but can build from there). We learned the combo with some shadowboxing and then got to work using mitts, a heavy bag, and a teardrop bag.
  3. Squats on squats: Any combination you can think of, we did them!

I do wish that the boxing sequence and circuit was a bit longer.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed myself and the coaches are very hands on and come by and correct any technique. And if you’re doing a great job, they will tell you! I love the open encouragement.

No pain, no gain: The next day, I felt pretty sore in my legs and glutes – must have been those squats 🙂 My shoulders and lats were also fairly sore.


  • A shower is available but no towel service
  • Bathroom essentials: shampoo, soap, etc are all available
  • Gloves, wraps are available to rent for a cost

Parking: There is no lot or structure so leave yourself some extra time to find street parking. There are a couple of residential blocks nearby where you don’t need a permit that you can park in.


  • Arrive early so that an instructor can wrap your hands, if you are a beginner. If you plan to continue boxing, I’d recommend watching some YouTube videos and practicing at home
  • Bring your own water!

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