Class Review: Y7 Studio West Hollywood Hip Hop Inspired Vinyasa


This super fun NY based hip hop inspired yoga studio has finally made their way West and has opened up a Y7 Studio in West Hollywood. Combining two good for you mood boosters – hip hop and yoga 🙂 – is a formula for a good day!

The motto above perfectly sums up the overall vibe of Y7. With the emphasis being on your flow, there are no mirrors in the studio. And to get your sweat on, each class is candle-lit in a heated room (roughly 80 degrees). Every Wednesday and Sunday they offer hip hop inspired vinyasa, so you know I had to give it a shot!

Class: Today’s class was 2Pac themed and even though most of the music was by 2Pac there were still down moments where the instructor incorporated softer music, which was a great blend. I also wasn’t sure how I would feel about practicing yoga with music I’d want to normally dance to but it surprisingly works and gives your practice a little something extra.

Y7 Warrior Pose

No pain, no gain: Your level of soreness will depend on the specific flow and your yoga level. I am currently feeling most of the burn in my shoulders, arms, and glutes but this will be different for all.


  • Filtered water is available. Even if you forget your water bottle, the studio will provide a water cup for you
  • Hair ties, if you ladies forgot yours!


  • This can be a bit of an issue, as it is only metered parking around the area. Please leave yourself 10-15 minutes before class to just find parking.


  • The studio is located in the heart of West Hollywood where all of the major boutique shops are
  • Don’t be late! So as not to disturb other yogis, and for safety reasons (given there are live flames with the candlelight), you will not be admitted into class if you arrive a few minutes late.


8270 Melrose Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90046 (Email is the best way to reach them)

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