Class Review: YAS Downtown Los Angeles

The YAS Studio in Downtown Los Angeles is so open and bright with a lot of natural light coming in. So I immediately felt invited in. Prior to this 30/30 spin/yoga class, I had only utilized the spin studio here but can see the benefits of having a split class that also incorporates yoga.

Class: As mentioned, this YAS class is a 60 minute class that starts off with 30 minutes of spin and then 30 minutes of a cool down/yoga sequence. I wasn’t sure how I felt about needing to take off your shoes and switch gears so quickly but it was obvious my body needed it. After hunching over and being very compact on a bike, it felt so wonderful to be able to lengthen immediately afterward.

Compared to other spin studios though, I’d say I do wish there was a more sculpted arm section where we could use weights but if you do want pure cardio, this is the perfect gym to go.

YAS yoga

No pain, no gain: I haven’t worked out in a few days so just a few hours later, I do feel a bit of soreness in my back, glutes, and hammies. 


  • Showers
  • Yoga mats for rent
  • Water for sale
  • Lockers available


  • Validated parking structure attached to the studio


  • Take Micah Archibald’s class 🙂 She has a ton of energy and it was amazing to see how she could be so “go, go, go!” in spin and a few minutes later was able to calm all of us down in the yoga session
  • There is a Simply Salad, Ralph’s and Phil’z Coffee on the same block so you can grab a healthy meal and coffee and also get some errands in after class
  • Some of the early morning weekend classes will have some refreshments and apps served afterwards (think OJ and cheese/crackers)


831 S Hope St
Los Angeles, CA 90017

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