Women’s Health 101 with Parsley Health Event Recap

I had such an incredible time hosting a health-focused workshop with Parsley Health, featuring Dr. Jaclyn Tolentino, Physician at Parsley Health Los Angeles.

45 women gathered together to connect with one another and go back to the basics of understanding our bodies.

I remember my first memories of my menstrual cycle and it consisted of:

Get on birth control to regulate your cycle!

This was at 13. There was no education around what a cycle is exactly, how long a cycle is, what’s happening during a cycle, etc. All these basic questions that we should know how to explain about our own bodies, yet we are not taught this.

So I wanted to create an intimate, safe space for women to go back to the basics. Get all of these questions answered. Women ranging from in their 20s to 40s came out to learn and absorb. If we don’t understand the basics of what should (or shouldn’t) be happening to our bodies, then we don’t understand the full importance of how we can heal our bodies.

All of the engaged women asked questions around endometriosis, missing periods, all while absorbing information on all the various hormones in our bodies.

There were main takeaways that I wanted to share with you, since not everyone could make it!

Your period is your fifth vital sign

That is how important it is! It’s not just some nuisance of a thing you may get every month. Your period is just as important as blood pressure, heart rate, temperature, and respiration rate. We know these are all important because our doctor’s always ask about them and check them. What’s also important that can let doctor’s know about the state of your health is your menstrual cycle.

All of your hormones are interconnected

If one hormone is “off” that could mean other areas of your hormones and health are too. This is the importance of functional medicine. Unlike some doctors who look at one symptom and treat that symptom, functional medicine understands the need for a holistic approach to looking at your overall health and wellness. All of your hormones are interconnected and weaved into a delicate balance.

Listen to your body

If something doesn’t feel right, then YOU know it. If you share these symptoms with someone else and they say ‘it’s probably nothing’ listen to what your gut says, not the opinion of someone else who doesn’t know your body.

It’s important to learn the signals your body is telling you. This is a lesson I’m slowly learning, even with myself. When it comes to our cycle, if you’re feeling extreme PMS pains (note the word extreme) and it’s happening on a consistent basis, check things out!

Outside of the health portion of the event, we started off the morning with a meditation to get our minds in a peaceful, focused place. The attendees also enjoyed morning smoothies from Bumpin’ Blends, and got to explore the various activations which included:

Essential oil blending bar from Lather

Fertility tracking with Daysy

Hormone balancing ear seeding with Vie Healing

Raffle giveaways from Lululemon, Cafe Gratitude, and Parsley Health – where all ticket sales went to LA’s Best

Each attendee also got to go home with a goodie bag filled with swag from leading health and wellness brands, including Hu Kitchen chocolate(!), Sagely CBD cream or oil, Seed Phytonutrients facial lotion (one of my favorite clean and sustainable brands), and more!

If you couldn’t attend this event, not to worry! I have more in store in coming months! Be sure to sign up for the newsletter to stay informed!

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