Propel Fitness Festival August 2017 Review

Sweat for hours on a Saturday and Sunday? Who would have thought that could be a fun and enjoyable experience? Haha I have a bit of an endorphin obsession so trying new workouts and revisiting my staple workouts was actually the perfect weekend for me at the Propel Fitness Festival. So much so that I literally wish this fitness festival could happen every month!

As you can see from the photo above, us blogger ladies got to workout and hang with the man himself, Gunnar Peterson. I’ve been such a fan of his for a while now so it was a real treat to do a Gunnar workout.

The workout with Gunnar was definitely not the only workout that weekend though. Between Saturday and Sunday, I was able to box with my favorite boxing studio, Prevail – and to make things real interesting, we were boxing to Big Boi from Outkast, performing live. Are you kidding me? I was basically dancing with a little bit of boxing mixed in, haha. What a one of a kind experience to be able to do that. As Big Boi said it was ‘real interesting’ as I’m sure this was the first time he’s experienced something like this too haha.

Outside of boxing, I tried out several different workouts but the one that stood out the most to me, was the Vixen workout. I absolutely loved it. If you didn’t know this about me already, I just love to dance. I’m really not that great at it but if I hear a good beat I just can’t help but move, ya know? The Vixen workout was awesome and I highly recommend it for women who just wanna get their Beyonce on, you know what I mean? Vixen is not located in LA unfortunately so I have to find an alternative! If anyone knows of a good (beginner!) dance class to take in LA, please let me know!

Other than experiencing some amazing workouts, Propel really outdid themselves and set up such a fun open space in West Hollywood. It wasn’t just a workout space but there was an open area where we could shop, eat, and just chill to a DJ spinning some bangers if you ask me. As part of the set up, there was an area that featured some new styles from Bandier and Alala. We don’t have a Bandier store in LA (yet) so I was happy to see a presence at the festival!

There was also a fun area to do BRAIDS. I love a good braid bar and boxer braids are my absolute favorite. This was so necessary considering all of the sweat going on that day.

Honestly the only way to cool down between workouts was some shade and drinking bottles and bottles of Propel. It’s the only water that has enough electrolytes to replace what we’ve lost in sweat.


Seeeee. I do love dancing! Lol

This whole festival really made me realize I just LOVE MOVING. Whatever it might be – whether that’s yoga, lifting weights, dancing, boxing – anything – I’m just obsessed with doing things that I never thought I’d try!

If you are new to fitness, it doesn’t have to be scary – it can be fun! Find a form of physical activity that speaks to you! You won’t know what you will absolutely fall in love with until you try! Ready, Set, Sweat ladies!

This post is sponsored by Propel but all opinions are my own.


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