Quick 5 Minute Workouts To Do At Home Using No Equipment

Not all of us can afford an hour at the gym every single day. I get it, we’re all so busy! Work, school, family, social life can all get in the way of that sweat session you know you need.

So I came up with a series of quick 5 minute workouts you can do at home, all using no equipment. Seriously, now there’s no excuses! Everybody has 5 minutes in their day. As a perpetual Instagram feed scroller myself, try minimizing social media time or time where you are mindlessly going through the motions, and replace that time with some movement in your day. You got this! I do the whole workout with you in the video so it’s like you’re doing it with a friend 🙂

Check out the videos below to get your stretch on and focus on certain areas of your body you’d like to strengthen.

P.S. That is my trainer and friend Alyssa Shoji in the video with me. She’s beyond awesome. If you live in Los Angeles, definitely hit her up!

Even though this says 5 minutes – don’t be deceived! I was sweating after this 5 minute High Intensity Interval Training workout!

I do a lot of exercises that focus on lower body but this surprisingly still left me sore!

I unfortunately don’t work out my core as often as I would like so when I filmed this workout, the very next day I felt so so sore!

Surprisingly, I’ve been asked to film more easy stretching videos, especially for busy people who maybe sit down all day. I’ll work on that video next!

Let me know if you try any of these 5 minute workouts!

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  1. Mikaela wrote:

    Such a good idea! 5-minute workouts can go a long way!

    Posted 5.12.18 Reply
    • Rachel wrote:

      Hehe thanks! Ya honestly I broke a pretty good sweat after the 5 minute full body workout!

      Posted 5.14.18 Reply