Class Review: Boom at The 12 Costa Mesa

I’m such a huge of The 12. I had only previously gone to their Irvine location but decided to try out their Costa Mesa location since that is their flagship gym and way bigger. When I lived in Irvine, The 12 would be my go-to since they always incorporate strength training as well as some cardio to keep your heart rate elevated. What’s also great about the format of each class is that it’s circuit-based. No matter how hard the exercise is, just know, that it will only last between 45 seconds to one minute long. You can do anything for that length of time!


Class: On this day, I checked out The 12 Costa Mesa’s Boom class. Boom is all about the legs and booty. What was so awesome about this class and gym is that they really do provide every type of equipment that will help tone your legs and grow and tighten that booty. We incorporated dumbbells to do isolated leg lifts (you definitely have to keep your balance so it is a great core workout too!), booty bands (to make your squats that much more interesting), resistance bands, swiss balls, and the good ol’ trusted wall to hold wall squats.  One note is that while we do a bunch of strength training, if you are expecting to get your heart rate maxed out, this is not the class for you. They focus mostly on strength and not too much cardio (the studio has treadmills but we did not use them)

No pain, no gain: Definitely a bit sore in the areas that we worked 😀 What is great about this class is that there are so many muscle groups within your butt and you really do target all of them in this class.


  • Showers
  • Towel service

Parking: This is not LA! There is a huge parking lot specifically for the gym so no worries on trying to find a parking spot.



  • Full Psycle – my favorite OC spin studio – is literally one block away. Double up your workouts 😛
  • If you are coming from the Irvine area or somewhere where you have to take the 55 South Fwy, definitely leave yourself enough time. Getting off of the freeway can be a challenge sometimes with all of the traffic.
  • If you want an additional workout, there is a whole separate room for you to use with all the basics of a great gym


The 12
140 E 17th St
Costa Mesa, CA 92627
(949) 645-1677

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