Class Review: Flow at Y7 Yoga Studio Silverlake

Out of all the yoga studios I’ve been to in the city, this is definitely in my top 3 studios. Everything about this new Y7 location is so vibey and so LA, in the best ways. Right on Sunset Blvd (but the non-congested part of it!), you can flow to your favorite hip-hop songs in a dim candle-lit room. There are zero mirrors so zero distractions. No comparing yourself to the person next to you – just you, a mat, and some really good songs to get you into your optimal namaste-filled mindset.

Class: As mentioned, this class is mirror-free. Sometimes in yoga classes I find myself glancing at yogis around me while not focusing on myself. This way, with no mirrors, there’s no way for you to sneak a peak to see what your neighbor is up to. Here it’s all about the connection you have with yourself through hip hop. The hip hop setting is different for more traditional yogis but I love that it keeps yoga fresh and interesting for me.

There are a series of vinyasa flows you go through – a couple times slowly with the instructor, and then you are left to practice the sequence on your own. You can either choose to do the complete flow or you can modify as you see fit. The teacher even encourages you to go into child’s pose if you just aren’t feeling that day. There’s never a time where I have felt pressured to keep up with anyone. I’m always encouraged to do what’s best for me on that given day.

No pain, no gain: Be prepared to sweat. This is not a bikram yoga class; however, it’s a nice warm temperature that is actually infrared heat. Infrared heat increases your core body temperature and helps with your circulation. Consistently exposing your body to infrared heat can stimulate blood flow, improve muscle recovery and tension, and decrease pain and inflammation. Plus with infrared heat, it’s not that stuffy, can’t-breathe-out-of-your-nose heat. It still always feels comfortable.

Y7 Studio Silverlake Outdoor Lockers and Showers


Shower available with amenities
Water filter
Parking: There is a parking lot. I repeat there is a parking lot 😀 A rare occasion in LA but that’s also why this is one of my top favorite studios. You won’t have to circle the block a million times looking for a spot now!


Make sure to bring water into the room with you. You will drip sweat within the first few minutes so you always want to make sure you keep yourself hydrated throughout this intense class.


4300 Sunset Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90029

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