Trail Review: Culver City Stairs

I love LA. There’s always so much to do, so many places to go. One of the downfalls can be though that LA is very vast. It may take forever to get to your destination 🙂 However, there are a few things to get me over to the other side of town – 1) Trying out a gym 2) Meeting up with fit girls. I started talking to some girls through Instagram and we all decided to meet up to go on a hike on a really clear, sunny afternoon.

The Hike: It’s often referred to as the Culver City stairs but if you Google this, you’ll see that it is also known as the Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook. You start off at the intersection of Jefferson and Hetzler and go up an incline to meet the bottom of the stairs.

Culver City stairs

The Journey: To go up these stairs once is not enough of a workout (I would recommend at least 4 times to really get a calorie burn) but what makes these steps challenging is that they are all uneven, with no railing. Some steps are shallow, some are approximately two feet deep, so these stairs really engage your core and balance is extremely important!

On a clear day, like the day I went, you can see 360 views. No smog to be seen, I was able to capture the downtown skyline. You can also see the ocean. Love!



The Destination: Once you get to the top of the stairs, there is a concrete platform where many people opt to put in additional work and do HIIT circuits. On the day I went, I saw people do jumping jacks, burpees, etc as if the stairs weren’t enough of a workout!

It truly is a blessing though to be able to really be grateful for the nature that surrounds us. A personal goal of mine is that now that it is warm and weather is not an issue, to do one workout a week outdoors – whether that is a circuit in the park or a hike around the city.

Additional Tips:

  • Parking is plentiful on Jefferson. The hike starts at the Jefferson/Hetzler intersection
  • Bring a hat and wear sunscreen. There is little to no shade on the climb up so make sure to protect yourself!

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