Free Blogging Budget Worksheet

Macbook Pro Besides Dslr Camera and Mug

It’s super fun to create content and write to inspire and motivate others as a blogger but the reality is there are start up costs and recurring monthly expenses you have to keep track of. It’s super important to get your finances together before you begin really investing into the world of blogging. You can receive your free blogging budget worksheet by entering your email below. Please note that it is important to make a copy of the Google Spreadsheet that will open up once you confirm your email address.

While the cost of entry into blogging is relatively small, it’s still important to note that there are costs. Below are just a few items to keep in mind but this is by no means the comprehensive list. There will be unique expenses to you and the type of blog you have! If you have a food blog, you’ll have additional expenses for recipe ingredients. Or if you are a beauty blogger, you’ll need to invest in make-up and brushes.

Domain + Hosting

Luckily, the hosting cost is likely going to be your most expense cost. The domain name is typically a few dollars and the hosting will be about a hundred or so. Definitely shop around to get the best deal.

Social Media Tools

There are so many tools to make your life easier and get you the blog traffic you deserve. Tailwind is one social media tool that will help increase your Pinterest traffic in turn get you blog views. There are other tools like Planoly to schedule your social media posts and Canva to help make you graphics that will definitely help you save time.

One tip that I’ve learned along the way is that you want to free up time so that you can work ON your business, not IN your business. Meaning, if you want to really grow and achieve the success you are envisioning, you can’t get stuck doing the nitty gritty execution of your business. You need to think strategically and creatively. Having to constantly manually pin your graphics or go into social media to post instead of prescheduling really does eat up lots of time!

There are other expenses listed in the free blogging worksheet below, make sure to download it to see what they are!

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