Travel Tuesday: Meet Rhia Love

Meet Rhia Love. She is a former Physical Education and Health and Human Development teacher who made the decision to live each day to the fullest. Along with her husband, Rob, she now lives in Canggu, Bali. Together, they run an integrated wellness business online and are branding specialists. They teach couples how to take back the worlds greatest commodity, our time.

What was your last regular job?

I was a PE (Physical Education) and Health Teacher for nearly 10 years back in Australia. 

Where have you travelled to?

Working remotely, we travelled the East Coast of Australia and now Bali. We (my Husband Rob and I) have also had the opportunity to travel around America – to places like California, Las Vegas, and Nashville, as well as New Zealand, North Australia, and Fiji.

What made you want to pursue a nomadic lifestyle?

Five years ago, when I was still teaching full time, the question was asked: “If time and money were no barrier, what would we be doing?” Our answer was to travel together and to chase coastlines around the world whilst taking photos. Three years ago, my mom was diagnosed with brain cancer and that really prompted us to take the leap to travel. Her vision was to travel Australia, so we got a camper van and headed off. We were so grateful that we had the option to do that with what we had started pursuing with our online business.

How do you currently support yourself?

A number of different ways. Our primary source of income is through our global online integrated wellness business. Additionally, we make income through content creation and branding photography. 

What do you know now that you wish you knew when you started?

Stay consistent with daily affirmations and gratitude, visions, and vision boards.

What are the hardest things you find about working remotely?

Nothing. I do this full-time with my husband, so I think together we can keep bouncing ideas off of each other. I’ve always got a full-time business partner. I love it.


How do you envision your life in 5 years?

We both have a clear vision for our future. In 5 years, we are going to have property in Bali and we will have invested. We have visions of having a place where we can run retreats and where we can train people in what we do so that people can pursue living each day to the fullest.

What are your estimated monthly expenses?


Our housing costs include everything: our wifi, cleaner (6days/week), laundry, and pool maintenance.

$750 AUD ($517 USD)

Food and drinks:

Together as a couple we spend about $15 AUD ($10.34 USD) a day. There are other days with dinners out where we might spend a bit more.


Our activities are free. We surf, but we have our own boards. We love exploring new places and attending all of the free events in Canggu.


Our scooter is $80 AUD a month ($55.17 USD). To fill up (a tank a week) it is $2.50 AUD ($1.72 USD). We share one bike between us.

Who should reach out to you?

We’re always hoping to help new people who want to get more out of their life. Whether that’s more out of their health or more out of their living, We particularly work with couples and that’s to really show them how they can live a life to the fullest and create more time freedom.

You can connect with Rhia via her website, Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram.

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