7 Ways To Create Good Vibes In Your Home

Good vibes always, am I right? Having a clean home full of the right energy is so important to me. Since I work from home full-time now, I need to make sure the dishes are done, the desk is clear, and the vibes are high. For me, I know that the energy at home, will permeate my physical being. When things just don’t feel RIGHT, my mind feels cluttered, my body is slower, and I end up just not feeling great overall. Here are some quick tips on how to create good vibes in your own home!

Burn palo santo

Palo santo has gained popularity these days within the wellness community but it’s actually been used for centuries for spiritual purification and energy cleansing. When the wood burns (palo santo translates to ‘holy wood’), it clears negative energy and restores peace and tranquility in its path. I cleanse at least once a week and it’s whenever the mood strikes! I burn the wood for about 30 seconds, blow it out, and walk around my home so the smoke hits every space I feel needs to be cleansed.

Palo santo burning

Clear the clutter

Like I mentioned above, my desk needs to be clear and the dishes need to be done. Bottom line: I need a clean place in order to create the right environment. The way you treat your home has a direct relationship with how you feel on the inside. I know I feel less focused and “out of it” when my belongings aren’t in its place!

Get your green on

I didn’t always used to have plants in my home but ever since I moved into my loft, I’ve been such a plant lover. It not only adds to the decor of a home but it’s the feeling of being amongst nature that truly helps me. It improves my mood, it relaxes me and it obviously fills my space up with more oxygen and better air quality. 🙂

Create a wind down space

I think everyone needs their own cozy corner. Even though I live in an industrial loft, I still knew I wanted an area of my home that felt cozy. Consider creating a space with a cozy chair or even some blankets or pillows to help set the vibe. Knowing I have an area that is tranquil helps me find my zen and it calms my mind down if I’m feeling stressed.

Play music

I play music constantly when I’m at home. I cook with music on and even work all day with soft music playing. When I’m working, I tend to play soft acoustic coffee shop music. I can’t play anything too catchy otherwise I’ll end up just doing karaoke all day 😀 Music is the ultimate mood lifter if you want to reset the energy in your home!

Be mindful of your words and actions

My home is my sanctuary. I enjoy waking up to a peaceful place and same goes for bed time. The more peace and kindness you create with your own words and actions, the more it will help bring this type of energy into your space. You know when you walk into a room after people have argued, the air just feels tense? That is everything I try to avoid at home! What you say, how you act – this all translates directly into the vibes of your home.

Start your day early

With the right amount of sleep, starting your day early isn’t quite so terrible. I really enjoy waking up early now (provided I get my 8 hours of sleep), and it helps me set the tone for my day. The need to rush out the door to get to an appointment or take a workout class, is one of the worst feelings for me. I wake up an hour or two before I actually have my first task for the day, because it helps me slow down. I have time for a morning meditation, journaling or reading from a book, and I feel like I am creating space for silence before a busy day ahead of me. Starting my day off right always puts me in the best mood for the rest of the day!

I hope these tips helped you! If you have any tips of your own please feel free to share them with me!

7 ways to create good vibes in your home

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      Thank you! I hope it helped you!

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