Productivity Tips When You Work From Home

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As many of you know, I recently quit my consulting job and decided to venture off into my own entrepreneurial adventures. Being an entrepreneur is definitely fun and freeing. However, it’s a lot more work and pressure than your standard 9-5! I’m always unsure of what each day will bring (which is what I love!) but since my schedule is all over the place, I need to stay as focused as possible, otherwise I end up half way working on a million different items.

For National WFH (Work From Home) Week, here are some of my productivity tips that keep me focused each day and I hope they help you too!

Set daily and weekly goals

Setting longer term, yearly goals for your future is always helpful but it can feel so far away! So I love setting shorter term goals at daily and weekly increments. Each Monday I start the week off with what I wish to accomplish by the end of day Friday. I ask myself, “What does success look like for this week?” Sometimes that can be wanting my blog traffic to increase by X%, connecting with X number of brands – you decide what that looks like for you. Once you identify what success looks like at a weekly level, break it down each day. Before starting your morning, write out what you want to accomplish that will bring you toward your Friday success. For example, if I want to increase my blog traffic, I will need to write more, post on Pinterest, and various other tasks – this is where things get tactical and your to do list is formed.

Of course this method works when you’re an entrepreneur working at home with no boss telling you what to do, but it can also work for the corporate gal! No matter your work situation, the key is focus and having an end goal. 🙂

Single task (not multi task)

Multi-tasking is the absolute worst, for me anyway. When I try doing two or three things at once (writing an email, finishing a blog post, playing with Tiger Lily :), etc.), I end up half way doing all of them or it takes me a lot longer to complete than what is necessary. An email that should have taken 10 minutes to respond to, takes double because I’m also playing with my dog. A blog post that should take an hour to write, takes a day because I’m also responding to text messages, deciding that I have to Google that one thing I’ve always wanted to know, or I need to clean my house, or anything else you can think of. You get the point!

Single-tasking for me is where it’s at. I have a timer at my desk that helps me focus my energy and time on one task at a time. Each side of the cube has a different time increment and this helps me focus for a certain time block on what I need to do. When you use a timer to let’s say complete a report for work, make sure to turn off your phone notifications, close any email or sound notifications on your computer, remove any distraction so that you can focus on the report.

As a reward for completing the task, you can turn on your phone again if you missed it. 🙂

Keep your workspace free of clutter

It’s not just more aesthetically pleasing to keep your workspace clean by removing all of your clutter, it also clears your mindset too. With just your essentials at your desk, you are more likely to be free of any distractions. When you have a million tasks on your to do list, the last thing you need to see is a bunch of miscellaneous papers.

Set up your workspace with your essentials

As someone who works remotely and for myself, I need to feel connected to conduct business and so I have some human interaction! At my work station I have a few essentials. When I’m working with my developer (who is based in Korea) for my business, Shop Your Element, I like to feel connected by using video conferencing. We connect using the Logitech 4K Pro Webcam (4K!! The video quality is so crisp!).

I also love using the Logitech MX Anywhere 2S mouse because of its ergonomic design and the super fast scroll wheel. One of my biggest pet peeves is when computer equipment is slow! To complete my desktop work situation is the Logitech K780 Multi-Device Keyboard. This might be my favorite at my desk. This keyboard can recognize 3 different tech devices. So if I connect the Bluetooth on my phone (which has its own cradle on the keyboard, btw) to the keyboard itself – I can type notes or text messages from my keyboard directly to my phone. So cool!

Take breaks

I feel most productive after working for a couple of hours, taking a 20 minute break, and then resuming work again. Sometimes it might be led to believe that you can’t “waste” time and you have to work for hours on end in order to accomplish your work. However, I’ve found that when I take breaks, I reset my mind and I’m then able to return back to my work with a refreshed view point.

Logitech work from home space Saje energy mist

Use essential oils to uplift your mood

I’m a huge fan of diffusing essential oils. I always have a refreshing, energy mist at my desk so I can spritz myself – especially in the afternoon hours when I feel my energy dwindling. I look for mists or oil blends that contain peppermint or some kind of citrus, to help keep me feeling fresh.

Play soft background music or ambient noise

It can be isolating working from home, so I like having soft music playing in the background. While the speaker in my computer works, I get much better sound quality using the MX Sound speakers from Logitech. There’s a slight 10 degree tilt on the speakers so the sound can really fill up the room!

Shower and change 

This might seem like a funny one but it’s so important! I can stay in my pajamas all day but when I do that, I feel lethargic and slow. I feel like my day truly starts once I’m cleaned up and changed into “going out” clothes. 🙂

I hope these tips help you stay on top of your to-do list. I love talking productivity, efficiency, and how we can make the most of each day, so if you would like to see more of this content please let me know!

This post was sponsored by Logitech but all opinions are my own.

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