Why I Quit My Six-Figure Management Consulting Job

I have worked at a large consulting firm for the past, almost five years, now. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the consulting world, imagine this: you get a corporate credit card, you get to fly each week and accrue platinum status at hotels and airlines, and on top of all the perks, you get to work alongside executives at leading companies that impact the global economy. It sounds pretty fancy, right? What isn’t shown in the consulting lifestyle though is living in hotels, staying up until 2am every night to meet client deadlines, eating dinner alone in your hotel room to meet said deadlines, and because of the stress of the job, getting sick in the process.

Don’t get me wrong, I am absolutely super appreciative and grateful to have the opportunity to be able to experience this lifestyle and work at a firm that is really respected in my industry. But, the time came for me to re-evaluate my lifestyle and re-assess what was and is important to me for my long-term well-being. Why I quit my six-figure management consulting job below!

My Background

For over two years, I would get up at 4 am every Monday morning and pick up my suitcase to go to the airport and board my 6:30 am flight. Straight from the airport, I’d rent my car and go to the client site for a 9:30 am meeting. The gist of my work days would essentially be summed up with:

Meeting with clients, creating PowerPoint decks, running my work through 10 different stakeholders, changing the decks based on feedback, and rinse and repeat.

I’d wrap up my week by boarding a flight back home every Thursday evening. I personally never fully unpacked my suitcase because in just a few short days, I’d have to get up at 4 am again to go back to the client.

Throughout this process, I had to also juggle managing an autoimmune disease. A disease in which can flare up when I am put under too much stress. Because of the lack of sleep I would get, irregularity in my schedule, stress from my job, I started developing complications with my disease. That’s when I knew it was time to take a step back and re-evaluate what my priorities are in life.

Taking a step back from a lucrative consulting career was difficult so I’d like to explain more of my why. Perhaps learning about the details of my why, will help you in your own life journey; especially if you are looking to transition out of a full-time job.

My health was declining

Taking a look back, I should have quit a couple years ago. I didn’t because I held onto the fact that I get a company match with my 401K and that I get to work with awesome clients (I don’t really have client horror stories but I know that’s not usually the case!). I should have left because it was past the point my body was comfortable with, given that my health was quietly deteriorating. Luckily due to new care and a new lifestyle, I’ve been able to resolve a lot of my health complications, but it took me going to the hospital and doctor’s office multiple times for me to come to this awakening.

Never take your health for granted.

Once you lose your health, it’s hard to build yourself back up – and sometimes you can’t ever get it back. If you’re feeling stressed and overwhelmed due to your job, remember – it is JUST A JOB. I ended up talking to my employer about my health and they helped make adjustments to my schedule to support my needs.

Consider opening up to your HR department or manager and see if there’s a way they will work with you to modify your workload or schedule.

Even with the adjustments that my managers made for me, I knew that my health would always be a factor with whatever new client project I am put on. Due to the nature of my specialization, so many of the projects would have required me to travel, which is when many of my health problems began.

I looked at the lives of senior management

In any job I’ve had, I look at the professional lives of those that are in my field. Of course I will never know what their personal lives are like, but just looking to see where they are in a professional sense, I started asking myself:

In 5 years, is this where I want to be?

Quite often, I found my answer to be NO. Staying within my field meant I would be on the road to promotion and with promotion, comes a lot more responsibility that did not light me up. I would be responsible for the sales pipeline, bringing in new clients, closing large amounts of business and these are not areas in which I wanted to grow.

As I started focusing on my health more, I found my passions in other areas of wanting to help inspire others to live their healthiest lives. I didn’t feel I could accomplish this by being on the consulting track.

I stopped waking up happy

There came a point where I would drive into the office and I would be in tears the whole way there. I would internally try to reframe the thoughts in my head. My “I don’t want to go into the office” would transition to “I’m so grateful for even having a job.” However, at the end of the day, I knew that I was filling my entire day with work that wasn’t meaningful to me, personally. Yes, it would provide value to my client but that started to feel like not enough. While I was providing value to others, I was not providing value to myself.

My interests were changing

As my passion for health and wellness grew, my desire to move up the corporate ladder became less and less significant to me. I discovered there was a wellness committee at work where we could inform overworked consultants on the benefits of mindfulness and movement. Being a part of the committee really helped validate that I needed to be surrounded by my passions more. Having a 30 minute meeting each week discussing these topics wasn’t enough for me, personally.

If you have a passion or side hustle that you love, try seeing if there’s a way to incorporate it into your work life. Is there a group you can form? Can you create a newsletter full of information that you’d like to help spread awareness on? Find ways to see if by trying to integrate your passions more into your 9-5, you can find fulfillment.

I was complaining about my work

Sure everyone complains but I am someone who used to rave about my work. I loved the projects I was on, found them all to be super interesting to me, and I felt I was constantly learning. However, one day I noticed I was complaining more than praising. As a positive person, I knew I was evolving in ways that I did not want. If I am going to spend most of my hours working, I needed to make sure it was somewhat enjoyable for me.

I Googled “How to know when the right time to leave my job is”

I knew it was the beginning of the end, then. 🙂

With many points I emphasized in the above, I tried to find alternatives or opened up discussions with management. However, at the end of the day, it wasn’t enough for me, personally. I really wanted to make sure that I made notes about talking to your managers, because quitting your job is serious. Make sure you have explored all avenues before putting in your resignation.

If you have any questions on this, you can email me, send me a DM on Instagram, or leave a comment below!

Why I quit my 6-figure corporate job and why you might want to, also. #entrepreneur #femaleentrepreneur #girlboss #TheDimpleLife

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  1. Gitana Serna wrote:

    Very impressed with your ability to choose life and health over what seemingly feels like comfort sometimes. You are taking a risk, or the road less traveled, and that is admirable. At the end of the day, you are incredibly smart, capable & successful at whatever you put your mind to. This will be a successful change for you and I’m so glad that you’ve chosen yourself in this complicated world!! Exciting adventures await- I’ll be following!

    Posted 6.16.18 Reply
    • Rachel wrote:

      Thank you so much Gitana! It’s definitely a bit scary – the unknown always is! – but I’m super excited to see what kind of future I can create for myself 🙂 Thank you for supporting me!

      Posted 6.19.18 Reply
  2. hiya thanks for the information

    Posted 1.16.19 Reply


  • Watching the news. Worrying about the health and safety of our community. The lack of resources for our frontline workers. Divisive leadership. There are so many stressors we are all collectively experiencing at this moment. Now more than ever we need to take care of ourselves.

If we allow the stress to consume us, our body will speak to us in a variety of ways. Earlier this year, pre-pandemic, I was already in a state of stress and grief. I had no motivation to take my supplements, wasn’t eating or sleeping properly, and I stopped generally taking care of myself. Thus, I ended up missing my period, had a flare up of my autoimmune disease, and physically was not feeling great; traumas do not just affect us emotionally. What alleviated stress and helped my healing process then is helping me now as we navigate this new world, and I wanted to share some ways that have helped me:
💫Make a list of your stressors and next to it, write down one small action you can take to alleviate it. For example, the news has been a huge source of stress for me. It was on first thing in the morning. At a certain point, the news is extremely unhelpful. My action was to allocate dedicated time toward the end of my day where I caught up instead of starting with it first thing in the morning.
💫Create a morning routine you look forward to. It’s the little things we need to hold onto right now to give us grounding and a sense of calm. I truly look forward to breathwork, yoga, journaling, and making my cup of matcha each morning. Find what works for you!
💫Infuse more joy into your life. I’ve been trying to learn Kpop dances! Maybe joy to you looks like a walk, learning a skill, napping, Netflix - whatever it is for you, do it.
💫Cook more. Eat colorfully, try new recipes. The kitchen can be an extremely creative area for you to play and experiment. Creativity can help bring us out of our darkest moments.

Lastly, remind yourself that some moments you can feel great and you may feel motivated to do some of the above, and some moments you may want to feel like curling up in a ball in the corner and crying and it’s all normal and ok and natural and you are definitely not alone. ❤️
  • For those that have the privilege to stay at home, this is a reminder to you, that you do not need to fill up this time with being more productive, more efficient, more working out, more more more.

Be gentle with yourself.

Rather than being in a constant state of doing the most, take a moment to pause; to meditate. Create space for yourself to reflect. Ask yourself, how you are feeling and be content with what comes up. Frustration, sadness, fear, hope, optimism. Sit with it all. The more space we create for rest and reflection, the more we actually learn about ourselves. ❤️ #restandrecovery #selfcarematters #mentalhealthsupport #dolessbemore
  • Make sure you are nourishing yourself these days. 🙏 I’ve definitely ordered takeout from some of my favorite local restaurants, but most meals I am trying to cook with a healthy amount of veggies. Health is #1, always.

I had to replenish my produce for the first time last week so rather than going to grocery stores, I looked up CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) boxes that support my local community.  Swipe over to see all the goodies from a $40 box I got through @county.line.harvest

Also check out localharvest.org to search for a local CSA in your neighborhood.

And if you’ve got some great recipes send them my way ☺️ Stay well, everyone! #nourishyourself #nourishtoflourish #healthiswealth #supportlocal #supportlocalfarmers #kidneycancersurvivor
  • Share one positive experience from this month! ⬇️ We could all use a dose of positivity. I know I need it. 🙏 I feel like I have been absorbing every piece of heartbreaking, infuriating action (or inaction) and I just want to read some goodness. ❤️ I’ll start:

The weekend before shelter-in-place, I met neighbors of mine! Thus far, it’s been polite hi’s and waves passing in the building but one afternoon I stopped and saw one of my neighbors with her pup. I shared news about Tiger Lily and we bonded over our love for our babies. She invited me out to wine with some other ladies in the neighborhood and we chatted for 3 hours. ❤️ Long, substantive conversations light me up inside!

Now your turn 🙏 #positivemindset #mindsetiseverything #positivityiskey #connectionmatters
  • Feeling grounded can help us feel stable in unstable times. That’s why morning routines are so important. It can serve as a center to help guide us throughout the day.

My morning routine has been thrown off recently and it’s noticeably affected my mental health.

Swipe through for 4 simple ways to build a more mindful morning.

What do you incorporate into your morning before getting started with your day? #morningritual #mindfulmoments #wellness #wfh #selfcare #mentalhealthmatters #slowmornings
  • Hopeless. Hopeful. Anger. Peace. Fear. Calm. Emotions we’ve all felt to some capacity in this shared human experience. No matter where your feelings are at right now, know that you’re not alone. We are all in this together. ❤️
  • There are simple ways you can become more environmentally friendly in your everyday lives. Here are some simple 1, 2, 3’s: 
1. Use reusable washcloths instead of purchasing paper towels. It’s more cost effective and can help reduce waste.
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  • It’s in times of scarcity and fear, our compassion, willingness to help those in need, and our humanity are tested.

We live in one community - a shared society. Yet, there’s behaviors like individualistic hoarding of essential goods and products and racial discrimination and violence against those of Asian descent, which have all created panic and hate toward others.

When we think about how to navigate our journeys during this confusing time, it’s important to think of the collective. There is “we” in our wellness. We’re all social beings who learn from one another. Rather than adapting behaviors stemming from scarcity and fear, we can learn behaviors rooted in altruism and compassion. We have to lift each other up to truly be well ourselves.

Scroll over and click tags for organizations that are sharing  what they are doing to show their humanity during this time. Spread the word and let’s all do what we can to help those who are hurting. Feel free to tag an organization that is doing good in your community.

I know we are practicing social distancing but anything you can do from your corner of the community will help.

Donate money if you can, help an elderly neighbor get their groceries, foster a fur baby, donate food at your local food bank, donate blood, spread awareness. Anything is better than nothing. ❤️ #bekind #socialimpact #showcompassion #wellness #giveback
  • As you wind down for the evening, take notice if you are holding tension in your body anywhere. Are your shoulders up to your ears? Are you clenching your jaw? Do your hips feel tight?

Holding stress and tension in our bodies can lower our immunity and impact our physical health. Not to mention the ever-changing/escalating news can absolutely impact our mental health. Support the health of your body and your mind through box breathing, relaxing, and replenishing when you can.

Move at your own pace, not at the pace of the media. Prioritize just a few moments for yourself tonight.

Swipe over for some ocean sounds. Wishing everyone safety and good health! 🙏#selfcarematters #mentalhealthawareness
  • It’s a cozy, rainy day in LA today. I know Tiger’s snuggled with a blankie somewhere 💕✨🐾🌈
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  • It’s no secret that I’ve been under a tremendous amount of stress lately. After Tiger Lily passed, I have experienced a whole other set of major shifts in several aspects of my life.

Because of this, over the past few weeks I have leaned heavily on the tools I’ve amassed in my self-care toolkit. Tools that I have accumulated over time that I’ve been using for these moments when I feel overwhelmed, anxious, and worn down.

The power of breath is a tool that I reach for time and time again. It’s a mindful period of time I set aside where I can focus on the simplicity of breathing in and out. It’s an otherwise subconscious exercise that plays in the background of our busy lives but setting aside time to be mindful with our breath helps bring focus and awareness to the space inside of us.

Breathwork techniques, in specific, have helped me heal, cope, accept in ways that are hard to put into words unless you open up to the experience yourself. If you aren’t familiar, breathwork is a series of exercises where you intentionally manipulate and change your breathing rate, depth, and pattern. You may feel tingling sensations, mental clarity, focus, mind-body connection, and even an emotional release. Each time I’ve done breathwork I’ve experienced different physical and emotional shifts. There is always an awakening of some kind.

Since discovering the power of breathwork, I have been recommending it to anyone needing to heal or move through their emotions in any way. Have you tried breathwork? I’m curious what your experience has been like! #breathwork #breathworkhealing #emotionalwellbeing #selfcarematters #wellnessjourney #onestepforward

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