Giving Back to Yourself this Holiday Season


What you can do to give back to yourself this holiday season. #SelfCare #SelfGifting #TheDimpleLife

Note: I’ve written this post as a paid spokesperson for Bank of America. All opinions are my own. 

The holiday season is here, but it may not feel as festive this year. However, I know many of us will do what we can to give back wherever we can, whether it’s adding a little bit of holiday cheer buying gifts for others, donating to a charity of your choice, or even simply by giving as much positive energy as we can to those in need. But…

What about us?

Let’s think of how we can give back to ourselves this holiday season. Typically, holiday messaging focuses on what you can do to help others. While that is extremely important, this year more than ever, we cannot forget about ourselves. Self-care is never selfish, and you should never feel guilty for listening to your own needs. This holiday season think of self-gifting as your version of well-deserved self-care.

Self-care should always feel simple and attainable. If you don’t know where to start, I look at self-care in the following components: physical, emotional, mental, and relational needs. Ask yourself: How can you connect with what your core needs are in these areas during the holidays?

Below are a few areas of self-care that help me:

Morning Rituals

Due to all of the stress around us, have you been missing a bit of slowness in your day? I know I have. This has led me to start each morning with a morning ritual by making a cup of matcha and taking a few moments to myself. Whether it’s taking a moment – or taking 10 – it’s important to create morning rituals and habits so that you can add a bit of grounding to care for yourself. This helps me feel more connected to myself emotionally and approach the day with more gratitude and stability rather than thinking about my to-do list.  

What you can do to give back to yourself this holiday season. #SelfCare #SelfGifting #TheDimpleLife

What morning moments will you adopt into your day this holiday season?

Reward Yourself

When spending on yourself – whether it’s something small like a candle or bigger like a piece of furniture you have been eyeing all year – try to be mindful of how you pay and look for ways to make your spending more rewarding. For instance, I like my Bank of America® Cash Rewards credit card because I can earn 3% cash back when spending in the category of my choice, like online shopping. It’s always nice to be able to maximize rewards on your holiday spending, so that it works for you as much as possible. Also, knowing that you are spending wisely can help to allay the guilt that can arise when you are treating yourself to something nice.

Community and Connection

Another way I add more self-care to my day is by nurturing my relationships. Community is so important, and it is vital for me to feel connected to those who I love. That’s, in part, why I created an online wellness community, You Are Here. Since travel may be more difficult this year and you may be more limited in how you can be with people, consider connecting with loved ones over technology. Think of every conversation, every virtual hug and every moment of laughter as a gift to yourself.

Those are just a few of the ways that you can add self-care and self-gifting into this holiday season. How will you take care of yourself?

Let me know in the comments below.

What you can do to give back to yourself this holiday season. #SelfCare #SelfGifting #TheDimpleLife

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