Take A Time Out This Summer

All year long, we’re all “go, go, go” – but this summer, I challenge you to take the time out and go enjoy yourself outdoors! Go enjoy a cool breeze, some vitamin D, and explore the city you live in. I’m in Los Angeles, mostly, so I’ve rounded up a few key places I’m planning to hit up over the next couple months. Let me know if you plan to go to any of these!

Santa Monica Twilight Concert Series

This is a fun, free event at the Santa Monica Pier with some really fun artists. The series kicks off on June 22 with Khalid, and will run through August 17. It’s right on the pier so you’ll definitely have an opportunity to play arcade games, go on the ferris wheel, and get a lot of salt in your hair 🙂

Rooftop Bars

Summer time is one of the only times I will drink alcohol during the day – so yes way rosé! I love some of the rooftop bars in LA, here are a few of my favorites:

Ace Hotel Upstairs – They also have musical performances on the rooftop during the day. It’s a really cool, yet chill, vibe here.

Perch Downtown – Perch offers musical performances as well, during the day. You get an amazing view of downtown, and they also offer a full service restaurant. Personally, I think there’s a little bit less of a pretentious vibe here compared to Ace.

Bungalow Santa Monica – Ok, sometimes I think this place gets a bad reputation. Minus some of the drunkenness that can occur here, it is really a beautiful location, right on Ocean Blvd. You get the smell of the ocean, and the space is huge. It can get a bit packed so prepare to wait for your drinks at the bar.

The beach, duh

I actually don’t like going to Santa Monica Beach because it gets very packed and parking can be terrible. I prefer driving down south a little bit and going to Orange County. Laguna Beach is actually my favorite ever and there are such cute beach-town stores that you can window browse. Expect to find Puffy and I a lot there 🙂

Hollywood Bowl

Invite some friends, pack a picnic, and enjoy some amazing entertainment at the Hollywood Bowl. The cost of tickets can get pricey if you go for box seats (right in front) but I assure you that even if you are a bit further up and away from the stage, it will still be a great time! Every seat has an amazing view! Last summer I went to The Little Mermaid singalong and had the best time 🙂


Pictured: Cute bracelets (that are also hair ties!) from Gem Tye

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  1. Joanna wrote:

    All my favorite places to visit in the summer!

    Posted 6.22.17 Reply
  2. Alexis wrote:

    Love these ideas! I will definitely be visiting some of these this summer!

    Posted 6.28.17 Reply
  3. So many fun ideas!! Can we please go and do all of them 😉 Also – whose cute doggie?!

    Posted 6.29.17 Reply