Treat Your Passion Like Your Job

For the most part, we are all responsible, working professionals who go into a job working a 9-6. 5 days a week. Some of us work much more than that. Are you feeling fulfilled at work? Chances might be that you aren’t. So the question is, how do you add more passion into your life? The solution is simple – Work as hard for yourself as you do for your employer. Your passions should be treated like your job. As in, you show up and hold yourself accountable for deliverables and deadlines.

Figure out what your passions are.

You might know that you don’t like your job, you aren’t happy in your current situation, but rather than just venting about this to your loved ones (my friends know I’m actually quite good at the venting process!), start focusing in on what your passions are. If you don’t know what they are, ask yourself – What makes you happy? What do you look forward to doing each day? What makes your face light up?

Show up every day.

Once you identify what your passions are, show up! Just like you would for work, you get dressed, put your grown up pants on, and execute on the tasks ahead of you. What would happen if you showed this much dedication to your passion? It’s so much easier to put your passions and hobbies on the back burner and say there’s simply no time. Why put what makes you truly happy to the side and not put in time for yourself?

One of my passions is fitness and particularly spin. So I practiced, spun my little heart out every day, and tried out to become a spin instructor. Practice makes perfect, and though I’m nowhere near being perfect as an instructor, I put in the work and I’m working toward my goal of living a healthier, happier life.

Dedicate enough time every day.

An average work day is 8 hours with sometimes very few breaks. Dedicate enough time and effort into your passions on a daily basis, not just for 5 minutes, but for a chunk of time that you see fit depending on what it is. It’s essentially setting a meeting with yourself. If that means an hour every day to work on your hobbies then do that. If this is your passion, chances are you will be happy to spend that much time, if not more, once you begin incorporating this into your daily routine.

Set goals.

Just like how we have deadlines at work and there are big meetings we have to prepare for, we should hold ourselves accountable with our passions too. Is there something that you are working towards? Perhaps a certificate? If you want to learn a new language, finishing a chapter in your textbook? Whatever it might be, set a goal and deadline for yourself so that you KNOW you have to complete something.


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