What Would Happen if You Said Yes to Everything

In a world full of “no”, what would happen if you said yes to everything? I’m not saying ‘Why, yes, I will order that whole cheesecake for myself’ but more saying yes to opportunities you normally would be too afraid to take.

I’m someone that typically feels a lot of fear inside. I have a fear of the unknown. I like routine. No, maybe not I “like” but maybe I’m just more comfortable with routine. I know what to expect. When I wake up in the morning, I know what my to-do’s are. Everything has been predetermined for me, by me. It’s the predictability and control of my life that I have gotten used to.From this TED video Mark Zmarzly states that “No keeps the status quo. It makes us feel safe.” However, sometimes to truly live life you have to go outside of your box and put yourself in situations that might seem daunting at first but it’s where you truly get to grow and live your life.

The past few months, I have been on a mission to say yes to new experiences, where they might make sense for my life. Speak Korean in public for 3 minutes (even though I’m not fluent)? Sure. Try out to become a spin instructor? Why not! Plan out a last minute trip with my friends with zero plan? Ok.

The yes moments make a life. – Mark Zmarzly

It’s these moments in my life where I said yes that I remember vividly. The feelings leading up to it…the nerves, the talks to myself to calm said nerves, and then the feeling afterward of, ‘Wow how cool. I actually did that.’ The outcome of these moments don’t necessarily matter, it’s that I stood up to my fears and just decided to go for it. I want to own my life and be the star of my own show  and not be a bystander and watch it go by.

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