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How to eat well for your health | If you’ve ever struggled with figuring out how to eat healthy, this post is for you! I’m sharing my best clean eating tips for better health and more energy, plus there’s a free printable food tracker to help you monitor your eating and stay on track. Click to get the tracker and start eating healthier today! | The Dimple Life #thedimplelife #healthyeating #healthtips #cleaneating #printable #foodtracker

I know that nutrition can be a struggle for many people and it has been for me, as well, to be totally honest. However, I now look at food not in the lens of what’s “good” or “bad” but I pay attention to how food makes me feel. If I eat a particular meal and notice my body or mood are not quite as great as I’d like, I look back to see what food I ate that maybe might have contributed to it. What we eat has a direct correlation to how our bodies feel!

I definitely notice that when I’m eating out all day or I consume a lot of sugar, I end up feeling sluggish. My mood ends up being a little bit more down than usual – after that sugar high comes crashing down, of course. At first I was tracking my moods and the food I ate in my regular journal and then in my Notes app on my phone but I thought it would be cute to create a printable version that’s specifically made for EATING WELL. Plus, having a printable version in front of you also decreases your screen time, which I feel like is always a good thing!

Note, when you’re using this, there’s no area to monitor your measurements, weight, inches around your waist. To me, that’s not what’s important. What’s important is how food makes you feel on the inside. Plus, by tracking what you eat in this way you can also see if eating out or cooking more has an effect on you as well. For me, one of my main struggles is not preplanning my meals and by eating out too much. But by monitoring my meals in this way and having a shopping list section, this does keep me more mindful of how often I’m eating out and exactly what I’m eating.

To receive this tracker as a high quality PDF, please input your email address below and a download link will appear on screen for you!


How to eat well for your health | If you


PRO TIP: To make sure you really utilize this, I would recommend keeping this in a handy place – your kitchen or dining table makes the most sense! Or somewhere else that you frequent often!

By using this tracker, in conjunction with the Moving Well and Living Well trackers, you are setting yourself up for success to really make sure that you’re living as mindful of a lifestyle as possible.

How to eat well for your health | If you

How to eat well for your health | If you
How to eat well for your health | If you
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