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I’m so happy you’re here and are interested in living well! If we aren’t conscious about how we treat ourselves each day it can be difficult to make sure we’re living as well as we can. That’s why I created this absolutely free healthy habits tracker for you. This is a mindful tool for you to use so that you can try to live intentionally, each day. Often times, when we think about a healthy lifestyle, we’re only thinking about if we exercised that day, or if we ate a salad – but living well and being healthy mean so much more.

I’ve broken down all of the areas I believe we need to be conscious of in order to realize our full potential and take a step forward toward our best selves.

P.S. I kept some of these fields a bit more general because I want everyone to be able to customize this to what it means to you! Here is a short description though of what areas you can think about and how I’ll be using it!


I’ve written before, that not getting the right amount and quality of sleep can affect your chances of cancer.Perhaps it’s a certain time you want to aim to be in bed by, or it’s a certain number of hours of sleep, as someone who used to always sleep at 1 or 2am and get up naturally at 6:30 or so, I wasn’t getting enough rest. So the past few months, I’ve been very mindful in when I shut down for the night. I aim to get 8 hours of sleep each night, and this is a great way for me to be able to monitor how I am doing each night.


This is a very general category but if there is an area that you want to focus on in terms of the food you consume, here is where you can start to be more intentional about it! For me, I tend to eat out a lot – when it’s unnecessary really because I’m lazy about it or I feel uninspired in the kitchen. I’m going to personally (for the time being) work toward the habit of cooking each day, or at least eating in each day. Perhaps for you nutrition can mean eating your greens each day, or staying away from soda each day – whatever habit you want to build (or break!) this is where you can keep track of it.

Self care

I didn’t realize the importance of self care until this year, really. If we are all constantly giving our energy toward others, when do we give energy to ourselves? Whether that means taking a time out and drawing a bath, or playing with your pet, or any of these 100 self care ideas you can add into your life, take the time out for you. This is one of the most important areas in our lives we need to make sure we’re checking off daily!

Physical Activity

Moving our bodies to be healthy is so important! It not only gives us those feel good endorphins but it’s actually making our organs and inside of our body so much stronger! Physical activity could mean going outside for a 30 minute walk, or taking a gym class, maybe even trying out a new class each day. For me, since it’s getting a little bit colder, I want to do an at home workout each day. Nothing too intense, nothing too long, but just something manageable for me and where I am at. 🙂


This one is sooo important but I think can get overlooked very easily. Daily learning means that you are constantly growing. Learning can be investing an allotted amount of time to a new hobby or passion, it can even be reading a book. I think most people have one thing in the back of their mind where they say “I wish I had more time to learn this…” and the thing is, is we do all have the time! It’s just a matter of prioritizing it. Personally, I want to learn how to edit videos better and more efficiently, so that is where I’m investing my learning time. 🙂


This area is a bit more general but it truly can mean being mindful in any way. It can be through meditation or prayer, mindfully eating (slowing down when you eat, turning off the TV so you pay attention to the food in front of you), mindfully driving (focusing only on the road in front of you), putting your phone away in the presence of others, etc – those are just some thought starters but get creative in this area of your life. Where do you feel you are the least centered? That may be a good place to start.

Weekly Budget/Spending

Finances are so tricky and an area that not a lot of people talk about. So many people live outside of their means or don’t think about where their dollars are going to. Leading up to me quitting my corporate job, I saved a lot and was very intentional of how I was spending my money. I still continue to track where my money is going and I find that when I write down a budget, I try to stick within that number. Outside of my minimum living expenses (mortgage, utilities, real life adult stuff), most of my money goes toward restaurants. So since I’m going to be cooking more, I hope to be able to minimize the money going into this category of my life.

What I’m Grateful For

I love gratitude journaling because it helps my soul feel full and it’s a constant reminder of what I have, not what I don’t.

Joyful Moments

There is sooo much joy in our lives that we don’t even realize it. Sometimes we do, but it’s gone in a second since our lives move so quickly. This will serve as a good place to remind yourself of all the happy moments throughout your week. My joyful moments typically revolve around my dog/child. 😀


Relationships don’t have to just be with your life partner or significant other. Relationships can be used to reflect on how your friendships are and even the relationship you have with yourself. Have you been particularly hard on yourself – why? Have you been arguing with a friend – why? This is an area where you can dive a little bit deeper into this complex area.

Acts of Kindness

I wanted to make sure there is an area where we can be conscious of serving others. Kindness doesn’t have to mean a grand gesture – it can be as simple as letting someone who’s walking down the street know that she has a nice smile, or has a cute pair of shoes on. A little compliment or a genuine “how are you?” go a long way. Let’s remember to think outside of ourselves. 🙂

Areas of Improvement

Perhaps as the week goes on, you’re not feeling centered, you had a lot of deadlines so your sleep was all over the place – it’s all ok! But here is an area where you can write down notes on where you’d like to continue to improve!

There you have it! I know that was long but I just wanted to explain each area of the tracker! I hope you find this useful! To receive your own tracker, simply input your information below and the download link will appear within this page! I would love to see how you’re using your tracker, so if you can tag me on social (@justdimpleit) that would be incredible! I’ll be sharing my tracker each day as well on my Instagram Stories and I hope you tag me in yours – I will reshare them there too!


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