How to Start a Gratitude Journal

Anyone ever unexpectedly go through some life hiccups? *Raises hand* Did that driver cut you off this morning? Did you get into a fight with your friend? Or maybe there has been a new update to your relationship status? The list truly does go on and on over what we tend to focus our minds on! Instead of throwing a party for one with the theme being an infinite spiral of negative emotions; try introducing a positive framework into your life. It sounds so simplistic, right? Don’t think negatively, think positively. Sometimes it really can be that simple though, when you practice gratitude as a part of your daily routine. Just as you would brush your teeth, cook yourself a meal, or anything that is now second nature to you – being very intentional about gratitude is one practice you should incorporate into your daily life in order to regain perspective on what truly matters to you. Here’s some basic steps to how you can start capturing your attitude of gratitude:

Get a cute AF journal.

Especially if you are new to journaling or writing down your gratitude, getting a super cute journal to write in is always a bit of extra motivation. Here are a few samples I found on Amazon that I thought you might like* 🙂

The Five Minute Journal – $18 (This is a formatted journal that will give you simple prompts to complete within 5 minutes)


Blank Marble Covered Paper Journal – $7.99 (Sometimes you don’t need prompts and just want to keep your pages with your own words!)


Grateful Moment Blush Journal – $18.99 (How pretty is this pink?? There’s an area to write your gratitude as well as your to-do list, calendar, and any positive affirmations) 

Write daily

Now that you’ve got your cute journal, you have to promise yourself to write in your journal daily. They say it takes 21 days to form a habit. Give it your best shot for 3 weeks of your life and see if it makes a difference. I know that it can be hard to remind yourself to do something new, let alone, every day, but to get long-lasting benefits of happiness, positivity, and perspective, try setting aside 5-10 minutes daily to reflect on what you are grateful for. Pro tip: Treat this, as you would a workout or a work meeting – this is a meeting appointment on your calendar that you can’t ditch out on. 🙂

Be specific

If I said I was grateful for my mom, how many people do you think could relate to that? But what makes my gratitude for my mom so specific is that I have an amazing relationship with her. We’re like this. 🙂 The other night, I went home to go visit my parents and when I walked into the door, the whole house smelled like my favorite Korean food. She timed dinner perfectly so that I would be able to eat food just as it was completed cooking on the stove. She wanted to make sure I ate well, I ate my favorites, and that’s how she shows her love for me. I can’t get enough of how cute and thoughtful she is! This is what makes me grateful. Just thinking about her makes me smile 🙂 See how much more specific that is? Try thinking of specifics and color to personalize your gratitude. It will feel so much more rewarding when you look back at what you’ve written 🙂

Write at the same time

To develop a habit or new addition to your daily routine, it helps to have consistency. Yes, writing daily is key to this; well, daily habit; but writing at the same time every day can also help. Some people like to journal in the morning, thinking of new thoughts they wake up to or thinking of what happened the night before. Others like to journal in the evening before bed, as a form of winding down thoughts and they are then able to go to bed with a peaceful and grateful mind and heart. And even others, use both times or take a mid-day break! There is no right or wrong time to write in your journal. Use a time that works for your schedule. I personally love writing in the morning. It helps get my brain moving, helps me feel like my life is fully in perspective (i.e. I’m not going to stress out about any upcoming work meetings as much or my really long to-do list for that day).


I hope these tips helped you – you can always contact me if you want to talk about gratitude journaling, or want to learn more about my experience with it. I really wanted to create this post to help guide people into writing their positive feelings and experiences down more. I feel like journaling has often times been used mostly to vent or to write out uncertain emotions. What would happen to our brain chemicals if we changed all of that stressful energy into journals filled with positivity? Love you guys! Let me know if you have picked up this practice!

*This post does contain affiliate links, feel free to use them or don’t! I just want you to find a journal that speaks to you 🙂 
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  1. Nicole
    2 years ago

    Love this post! Consistency is key. I started one a couple of weeks ago and haven’t wrote in it for a few days. Thanks for the inspiration. 🙂

    1. Rachel
      2 years ago

      Yes I’m so happy you started one! It’s sooo nice to write everything out and see it on paper, isn’t it? Consistently is the only way for long term results and benefits! Lots of love to you xo


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