BlogFest 2017 with Propel Water

I’ve partnered with Propel Water for this post but all opinions are my own! Hope you enjoy!

In 2016, BlogFest was held in Los Angeles and I remember signing up for it, not really being friends with any fitness people. I was so nervous yet so excited to learn more about blogging and the fitness community. One thing about me is that I’m super ok with going to places and events on my own. If I don’t have a friend to go to an event with, I don’t want that to be my only reason that holds me back, ya know?

I’m so happy I did go to BlogFest in 2016 because I had SUCH a blast networking with other girls and seeing all the latest health trends on the convention floor. So this year, in 2017, I knew kind of what to expect and was just thrilled to not just attend but to partner with Propel Water.

This year, a lot of sessions had to do with how to optimize your brand and website. We spoke to brands and listened in on what they want to hear from influencers (hint: they often times want to hear of creative packages from us – they don’t have all the answers!). We learned how to optimize our website for Google search rankings. We learned how to pitch a content publication if we want to be involved in guest blogging for brand exposure. There’s so much! I recorded a few of the sessions and will be putting that up on my YouTube channel. 🙂

Other than two days full of informative sessions, we also got in a sweaty workout with ModelFit x Propel. Here’s my girl Whitney in the front killing it xo

We luckily had Propel Water on hand – the only drink that replenishes all those electrolytes you lose from sweat.

One of my favorite parts of this whole experience though were the memories I came back with. Like, that one time when all of us Propel ambassadors went to the Las Vegas sign and ran into a group of tourists. For some reason, they all started breaking out into dance so of course I had to join in. Sometimes, you just have to dance like no one is watching and live in the moment. Who cares if other people think you look like an idiot – there’s also people that will look at you and see just PURE JOY.

If you’re considering learning and networking in the health landscape, I’d highly recommend going to BlogFest. The past couple of years Propel has had some major presence there, so I wouldn’t be surprised if they were there in 2018 😉

Now that BlogFest and Vegas are behind us – we have to focus on what’s coming up! There are Propel Co:Labs in Los Angeles from 7/31-8/5. All of the classes are free – one of my favorite words! – that and “avocado” 🙂 Spots are getting booked up so just check out the schedule here.

There is also going to be the FIRST EVER Fitness Festival from 8/12 and 8/13. I am literally so excited that there will be 4 workouts a day that you can sign up for! It ranges from yoga to dance to boxing to HIIT – literally something for everyone. If you are interested make sure you use the code TENOFF to get a discount! You can buy your ticket here.

Hope to see you there! xo Rachel

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