Class Review: Carrie’s Pilates Plus CPP Workout

If you think you’ve taken a Pilates class, you really haven’t until you’ve tried a class at Carrie’s Pilates Plus studio. I was first introduced to the studio via the CPP Instagram feed where I saw a lot of hot bodies that made me think, ‘hmm…maybe this studio might be on to something!’ I checked ClassPass and yay for me, the studio was available. Still sore from my Tabata workout at Lock Box LA, I signed up for CPP the very next day. Boy, is my body feeling it…

Class: The Carrie’s Pilates Plus CPP workout is a very intense 45 minute class that focuses mostly on the glutes/legs (Stop telling me to pulse my squats! Lol) and core (those good ol’ planks and leg raises). I wore my heart rate monitor and I generally don’t burn too much in Pilates classes but this really got my heart rate up and I ended up burning 300 calories!

What’s different about this studio is that they use the MegaFormer – which is very different than the standard Reformer in Pilates classes. It’s essentially a suped up version of the Reformer. There is a sliding platform, with springs and resistance bands that will add a cardio piece to the traditional Pilates moves.

No pain, no gain: Just about 30 minutes after class, I was already feeling the soreness in my quads and glutes mostly. We’ll see what my abs feel like tomorrow morning 😀 Other than the calorie burn in this class, you walk away really knowing that if you continue, you can be 1000% certain that you will see your body get more toned. It’d be impossible not to!

Amendment: Two days later, my abs, glutes, and legs are STILL sore. Definitely need to fit in more CPP time!


  • Very spacious studio. You don’t feel that you are cramped next to your neighbor

Parking: There is a parking structure (you enter off of La Cienega) which is the key amenity. I went early on a Sunday morning (the structure is unfortunately closed on Sundays) but since it was early enough there was plenty of parking available on the street.


  • Bring a towel! You WILL sweat
  • You don’t need to wear Pilates / non-slip socks.
  • The class moves fast! If you aren’t familiar with some of the terms of the positions (Donkey kick? Mermaid?) not to fret, many people in class are regulars who can help guide you, and just make sure to tell your instructor if you are new and she or he will come by and help support you.
  • Alfred Coffee and Beverly Center are right across the street 🙂


8500 Melrose Avenue
West Hollywood, CA 90069

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