Class Review: Chill Yoga at One Down Dog

I haven’t practiced yoga in what seems like forever but I’m so glad I had the chance to reconnect with my breath and focus on my mind, body, spirit connection. I love checking out the vibe of each yoga studio. Some are more hip hop yoga focused that just feels cool, some are very technical. Then there are studios that are a great mix of both, such as One Down Dog in Silverlake (there’s also an Eagle Rock location that I want to check out as well).

Class: I took the Chill yoga session with Arielle Miller. It’s the type of session where you know you need to chill out, slow your mind, and just breathe with each flow. There’s some soothing yoga tunes but also some Sia and more popular, slower type of music as well, for a great mixture to help focus you through class.

Yes, you will flow but it’s nothing like a flow flow class – with quick moving vinyasas. You actually get a chance to breathe, hold poses, while still moving at a moderate pace. I’d say the Chill class is a few notches more fast paced than a restorative class.

Maybe this doesn’t sound like your thing and you want weights/cardio and you just wanted to switch up your routine – good news is that they also offer Sculpt classes where you do incorporate light hand weights into the practice.

One Down Dog Entrance

No pain, no gain: Yoga is such a personal experience, as we all have different tightness and ailments we work through with our bodies. For me, I have stronger legs but weaker upper body strength. This morning I woke up with a bit of soreness in my upper back and backs of my arms (probably from the downward facing dog).

One Down Dog board


  • Yoga mats are available! As are bolsters and belts


  • Perhaps one of the biggest selling points is that there is a parking lot for the studio (LA peeps, you know what I’m talking about!).


  • I went to a 5pm class and there was no valet attendant but by the time I walked out there was someone there to give you a ticket, so just a head’s up for you later night folks
  • There is some really cute yoga/athleisure wear that they sell in the front. Tip: Don’t take your wallet out 😛


4343 Sunset Blvd, # 208
Los Angeles, CA 90029
(323) 989-3696

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