Class Review: Party on a Bike at The Madison Tempe

I’m currently in Tempe visiting my brother and definitely missing my regular fitness routine (I MISS YOU PREVAIL LA!) but I’m doing what I can out here to keep myself active. I have yet to do a BBG workout (Bikini Body Guide, for those that don’t know) but figured I can do that anywhere. Since I’m in Tempe for a short time, I wanted to experience a gym out here and see how the Arizonians do it 🙂

Class: I checked out the standard Party on a Bike class at The Madison in Tempe location. The class is a 45 minute spin class, complete with tap backs, push-ups, and riding to the rhythm of the music. The class however does not incorporate hand weights which is something I tend to like, to workout my shoulders especially. The gym itself is BEAUTIFUL. So many lights, and plenty of bikes (that are not reserved). You definitely do feel like you’re at a disco when you are in class. Check it out:


No pain, no gain: I followed the resistance settings the instructor suggested but don’t feel a burn after, though I did push myself in class. It could have just been with my instructor but this is just a reminder to always go at your own comfort level. If you have taken a ton of classes before and have fairly good endurance, definitely bump up that resistance!


  • Towel service is provided

Parking: There is a huge parking lot so that should not be an issue. There is currently some construction on Farmer so I had to take a detour around but the parking lot itself is unobstructed.



  • Leave your wallet at home if you want to not get sucked into all the retail they have for sale 🙂 Think, Private Party, Spiritual Gangster, and a ton of other athleisure clothing companies
  • There is an eatery called Culinary Dropout that is connected to the studio
  • No showers! This was a bit of a bummer but I imagine since the studio is so close to Arizona State University, most of their clientele are students who can just go to their dorm or housing to freshen up 🙂


149 S Farmer Ave #101
Tempe, AZ 85281
(480) 967-0835

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  1. Fitoru mct wrote:

    Amazing! That’s too many bikes. I am sure you don’t have to reserve one to ensure that you have one to use.

    Posted 4.17.20 Reply