Class Review: Sculpt at Prevail Los Angeles

I have been such a fan of Prevail and was so happy to hear that they’ve decided to include a Sculpt class to their schedule. I’ve already taken many of their standard Sweat classes so this was a welcome addition.

Class: Sculpt is just that. It helps built strength and toned muscles through lifting weights, while still getting some boxing moves in as well. However, remember this is not a regular gym with all the weights you generally use. I noticed that for exercises like deadlifts, you may need heavier weights that they don’t have. As a tip, you can always try to hold two weights in one hand 🙂 You also won’t need your hand wraps or gloves for this class. Each major muscle group is worked on, in the form of weighted squats, donkey kicks/fire hydrants (with a booty band), shoulder presses, bicep curls, and much more.

No pain, no gain: While during the class I felt I got a good burn and I did work up a sweat, the next couple days after the class I wasn’t too sore. I did feel slightly sore in my butt but otherwise it was just a general soreness I always feel from constant workouts. 

Note: I did take the second Sweat class where they were still perfecting their workouts and trying out different exercises that will work, so I’ll have to go back and see what has changed.


  • A shower is available but remember to bring your own towel

Parking: It is all street parking but luckily in the residential area around the gym, there are areas where you can park for free for two hours. Remember though, this is LA – read the signs!


  • It’s very possible to take a traditional Sweat class at Prevail and also a Sculpt class. Push yourself! 🙂


5957 W 3rd St
Los Angeles, CA 90036

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