Class Review: Xtreme Core Kickboxing at Foxy and Fierce

I absolutely love kickboxing and the boxing life. I always feel super empowered and welcome the day to get into a bar fight 😛 Kidding! Seriously though it is not only a type of workout that strengthens you physically but you gain so much confidence in the process.

I have always gone to gyms that were co-ed but I can see how it might be daunting to girls that are newer to the boxing scene to be partnered up with guys that may have been doing this for a while. I decided to try out Foxy and Fierce, an all female kickboxing gym, to see how this might differ from other boxing gyms that I have been to.

Class: The class I went to was called Xtreme Core/Kickboxing and it lasted a full 60 minutes. Half of the class was dedicated to ab exercises and the last 30 minutes was solely devoted to kickboxing combinations where we partnered with other girls in the class.

The gym space is relatively small so it did get a bit cramped when we were doing the ab exercises but felt fine when doing the combinations. I’d say that class capacity was roughly around 20 or so.

Overall, I would not say that this gym focuses too much on proper form of traditional Muay Thai kickboxing but I will say that if you want a great cardio workout, this gym is for you!

Foxy and Fierce 2

No pain, no gain: The next couple of days after class, I got most of the soreness in my arms from all of the punch combinations. I was surprisingly not too sore in my abs, which was a bit of a bummer considering it is a core-focused class. Looking back I may have experienced more of an ab workout if they incorporated the weights into the crunches and side planks.


  • There aren’t too many amenities – this is a no nonsense gym
  • Gloves are provided – if you don’t have your own gloves the studio does provide them at no additional cost
  • Water is available for purchase


  • Huge selling point of this gym is that there is a free parking lot!


  • Locating this gym was a bit difficult. From the street, there is no sign that says “Foxy & Fierce” but there are signs on the second floor for a ju-do, jujitsu studio and that is where F&F shares their space
  • There is an organic juice shop called Life Organics that is across the parking lot. Def worth a try!


7129 Sunset Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90046
(323) 876-1880

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