Why I Chose Institute of Integrative Nutrition (IIN)

When I first signed up with Institute of Integrative Nutrition (IIN), I wasn’t quite sure what I wanted to do, to be honest. I did not have a goal to become a health coach. I just knew that I needed to dive more into learning different aspects of what makes a healthy life. The past three years, I’ve been on a journey of self discovery to constantly improve my life, and to be the healthiest and happiest version of me. After researching all kinds of health and nutrition based programs, the curriculum with IIN spoke to me most and I wanted to learn more.

Here is a breakdown of all the reasons why I felt IIN would be a great fit for me and hopefully this helps you in your journey too!

Values the uniqueness of each individual

As someone who has an autoimmune disease, Ulcerative Colitis, I wanted to find ways for me to heal and improve my own health. Going to all kinds of doctors and specialists, I always felt in my own health journey that the medication and path that was set forth for me was “one size fits all”. With IIN, it felt empowering to know there are other avenues I can explore with my own health and self-care that are individual to my needs. IIN stresses the importance of bio-individuality. My needs will be different than the next person’s. It’s a concept I always valued personally but this was the first time I heard it in a defined sense.

Learn over 100 dietary theories

Along with its approach to bio-individuality, I love that we were exposed to all different kinds of dietary theories. We were never taught having “X” diet was the best. We learned about the benefits of each so that we would be well versed in different theories.

Health is not just about nutrition

I absolutely love that the program does not just focus on nutrition (though it is a good portion!), it is also about self-care, career, personal relationships, spirituality, finance, and so much more. There are many aspects that go into living a fulfilling and healthy life and not all have to do with what foods we consume. I loved that there were experts for each area and they provided insight and expertise on how to excel in each.

Create a new opportunity to help others

With IIN I knew it was one way to also create a new opportunity for myself. I was unfulfilled with my position in consulting (for many reasons!) and I needed to some how make a change. Learning more and diving deeper into areas that interested me, like nutrition, would give me a basis of knowledge that could help form a path into helping others – which is ultimately where I knew I wanted my journey to take me.

Cost effective

The program is cost-effective. There are other programs out there that are lots of money. I’m always looking for ways to get the most bang for my buck! The curriculum outlined here really shows the breadth of what I would learn. As soon as I read through it I got so excited! And that is always a good thing. 🙂

Flexible for all lifestyles

I needed flexibility – I love that I could take the coursework at my own pace. There is plenty of time to catch up on all the modules, so it really fits all lifestyle needs. I found that some weeks I would get so busy so I would spend a full day just catching up on all the sessions. I also love that there is a good mix of audio and visual learning to mix it up, especially on the days where I would need to catch up on for a few hours.

Being a part of a community

A good portion of your studies are solo; however, each student is also put into a coaching circle, where you bond with a small group from around the world. Each group has a moderator who is a seasoned health coach. We go through different scenarios of what may happen in a client session, what our fears were, how we were feeling throughout the process. It’s a very open community where you can share freely and connect!

If you would like to try out a complimentary sample class here you go!

Hopefully this helped you and I’m happy to answer any specific questions you might have! You can always find me on Instagram or feel free to email or leave me a comment below!

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