How To Add More Joy Into Your Life At Home

Cooking and experimenting in the kitchen is one way to spark joy at home during quarantine. #JoyAtHome #WellnessInspiration #TheDimpleLife #AvocadoToast

When it comes to joy, I would say, check out my blog post listing out 100 ways to add more joy into your life but this time of quarantine and isolation, is so unprecedented, our modes of finding joy are a bit more restricted. We can’t freely go outside as we normally would or go see our friends and family but there is still plenty we can do. Here is a round-up of how to add more joy into your life at home:

Get curious in the kitchen

I’ve been seeing a lot of bread-making on Instagram. I’ve made banana bread a couple of times myself. Now is the time to get creative and curious. You may have a few cookbooks lying around that you haven’t tried new recipes in, in awhile. Spend some time looking up a recipe or two to try this week.

Move your body

I can’t say that I find personal joy in doing burpees at home but moving my body in some way does provide me a release and when it’s dance-based I have so much fun moving around. PopSugar has a comprehensive list of where you can find fun dance videos to follow along to. I’ve become a pop star in my mind because of their videos I follow!

Organize your messy areas

I don’t list this as a way to feel productive (though clearing out clutter does increase productivity). Organization is really to know what you have and create less unknown in your life. We’re surrounded by constant unknowns and it’s nice to eliminate it when possible. The other day I organized my pantry and realized that I had tomato sauce, two packages of pasta, and flour – all of which I was planning to purchase on my next grocery shopping trip because I didn’t think I had any left! It made me quite happy to see and if you don’t believe that this can spark joy, here is Marie Kondo‘s take on it.

Create your morning routine

Do you enjoy coffee first thing in the morning? A morning stretch? What small things do you enjoy doing in your day? Try doing it in the morning and create a routine out of it. Find a routine that works for you. I truly enjoy making my cup of matcha each morning and I look forward to it each day so I make sure that that’s a part of my routine. Finding small moments of joy at the beginning of our day can give us the grounding we need.

Make your bed

As a part of my morning routine, I always make my bed. When I glance at my bed during the day or when it’s time to sleep at night, I love seeing or lying down in a made bed. It truly sparks so much and joy and it honestly helps me sleep better at night! I feel more relaxed, calm and ready to get into a zen-mindset.

Stay connected

We are at home but we are not alone. Stay connected with friends and family through phone calls, text messages, Zoom. Use video whenever possible! It can get isolating at home if we make it so. There are people out there to connect with! If you don’t have friends or family to connect with, you can always feel free to DM me on Instagram. XO

Start a puzzle

Quarantine is the perfect time to do puzzles. It takes hours, it’s something you can do with others you may be in quarantine with and equally as perfect to do on your own too.

Start that one thing that’s been on your to-do list

Do you owe people thank you cards? Did you always want to start a vision board but never had the time? Do you want to learn a few words in another language? There may be one thing that you say you’ve been wanting to do but haven’t had the chance to. Here is your chance!

Read more books

I love reading personal development books and my favorite is that “A HA” moment where I read a sentence in a book that make lights go off in my mind and I highlight/underline/write notes so I won’t forget it. It’s the best! Whether it is through personal growth, knowledge, or creativity, reading can give us so much inspiration and valuable information to further improve our lives. Here are a list of Barack Obama‘s favorite books for some inspiration if you don’t know where to start.

Create an indoor vegetable garden

Not everyone has a backyard or patio to grow your own vegetable garden, here are tips on how to create your own indoor garden. I’ll be growing some basic herbs at first to see how they do!

Give back

In a time where we can feel helpless, give back in a way that is safe for you and also helps others. Through my organization and decluttering at home, I was able to donate 5 bags full of items to a local organization benefiting women surviving sex trafficking and domestic abuse. Giving back to humanity is the right thing to do and as a side benefit it always feels good in the process. The Red Cross is in need of blood donations. Feeding America is in need of food donations to support the most vulnerable. Meals on Wheels needs donations to help keep our elderly communities safe and fed. Here is a more comprehensive list of other charities that need support.

I hope these gave you some ideas on how you can add a bit more joy into your life at home. What are you doing to add joy into your life?

Cooking and experimenting in the kitchen is one way to spark joy at home during quarantine. Read more tips on how to spark joy. #JoyAtHome #WellnessInspiration #TheDimpleLife #AvocadoToast

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